Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2596

2596 Good Job, Special Forces

A man wearing a cotton robe turned around and said regretfully, “I can only say that I’m sorry. I overestimated Lardner’s ability. I didn’t expect him to not be able to kill all the people sent by the Chinese.”

“Are you sure that they’re really sent by the Chinese?” In a dark corner, a man opened his mouth coldly and spoke in fluent English. “But our staff checked their car. There was nothing.”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never seen them before. Only your staff has seen them. However, your staff member said that he never saw their faces clearly. They always wore sunglasses.

“Although they took off their sunglasses during the meal, your staff still didn’t manage to see them clearly. Sir, if it’s not them, I can’t think of anyone else who took the four hostages.”


The man in the cotton robe spoke politely. When he turned around under the blood-colored sunset, one could only see the thick beard on his face and his deep side profile.

“My auction house has been destroyed too. Sir, I have to leave first. Goodbye, Sir.”

Andiken bowed slightly to the man in the dark and left gentlemanly.

Carrying a crutch in his hand, he left the room with steady footsteps.

The door opened and closed. The man sitting in the dark finally got up and walked to the window step by step. He looked in the direction of the sound of gunfire. “Tell them to check the rooms of the people from the TV station carefully. They must check every corner carefully.”

“Yes, Sir.”

There were still people speaking in the dark and silent room. They retreated slowly until only the man was standing by the window.

The sun was setting in the west. The last rays of light were gradually fading away. When the man turned his body, half of his body flashed past the setting sun. One could see that he had brown hair.

On the other side of the city, the pickup truck left a trail of destruction on the road. The Browning machine gun swept all the way forward. The pirates from the Bonant Guards screamed. They couldn’t get close at all.

Lardner’s camp still wanted to block the road in front, but they didn’t know which direction the truck would rush in the next second.

It wasn’t easy for them to block the truck. However, before they could do anything, the bullets from the heavy machine gun on the pickup truck shattered their bodies.

The special forces soldiers of the Xueyu unit were sitting in the pickup truck. There were guns in front, behind, left, and right. They were all shooting blindly. The pirates working for Lardner couldn’t get close at all.

The bullets hit the wall and left behind bullet holes, adding to the devastation of the city.

V8, who was holding a heavy machine gun, was enraged. As long as he saw anyone holding guns in front of him, he would roar and fire. Everywhere the bullets passed, it was hell on earth.

K7 was always in the middle. He tilted his body to protect the body of the martyr. No matter how intense the gunshots were, he still stabilized himself and protected the body.

The wind swept up sand and dust as it blew across the ground. G3, who was standing in front, threw two grenades at the other party, allowing them to break out of the encirclement. Boom! The other party’s truck was engulfed by fire. The special forces of the Xueyu unit, who had left with the remains of the martyr, finally embarked on their journey back to their country.

Lin Feng finally saw the seven figures walking toward him. His gaze landed on the figures protected by the other six people and the figure on one of the soldier’s backs… It was the body of the martyr who was sacrificed. After several hours of intense battle, the seven special forces soldiers had completed their final mission.

Tears instantly fell from Lin Feng’s eyes. Standing beside the helicopter, he saluted the seven figures walking over from the darkness.

Good job, special forces soldiers of the motherland!

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