Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2595

2595 Who Is Still Alive?

Before he could let out a long breath, Z7 suppressed the surging blood in his heart and swallowed the foam in his mouth. He pressed his throat and asked, “Who’s still alive? Squeak.”

Z7’s back was in so much pain that all his muscles were twitching. His heart turned cold. T6 had been asking for so long but there was no reply… Damn it, were they really dead?

“We’re still alive.” K7’s voice was godsent.

When Ye Jian heard his voice, her knees turned weak. She held onto the wall with one hand and took a few deep breaths. She leaned against the wall slowly and exhaled a long breath. Her heart that seemed to have split into a few pieces started to calm down.


The moment the bazooka flashed past her eyes, she thought that… her comrades wouldn’t be able to escape. She also thought that the man who always led her toward her goal was gone.

Fortunately… Fortunately… everything was fine.

“Is everyone safe?”

With those few words, Ye Jian dug her fingernails into the wall until her fingers hurt. Only then did she manage to control her trembling.

Xia Jinyuan understood her the best. From the last word, he could hear the fear in her heart. “Everyone is safe. Azure Bird, where are you now?”

He wanted to say, ‘Everyone is safe. Don’t worry, I’m fine too.’

Tears instantly welled up in Ye Jian’s eyes. She raised her head and forced her tears back. “I’m still on the top of the building. I plan to kill a few people with heavy weapons.”

“Very good. After killing the bazooka gunner, come down immediately and gather with V8 and Z7. Be careful outside. Andiken’s men are hiding in the dark. Z7 almost got shot.”

Hearing that she had adjusted her emotions within a few seconds, Xia Jinyuan smiled and said in a deep voice, “We’re preparing to turn around and pick you up.”

Ye Jian wiped the corner of her eyes. The ruthlessness in her eyes returned as she said, “Okay! I’ll execute it immediately!”

She didn’t waste any more time. She was only half a floor away from the top floor. She returned to the spot where she could see the entrance to the street in front of her. She lay on the ground and set up her sniper rifle. Her gaze was sharp as she aimed and sniped in one go.

The sniper bullet hit its target, shocking Lardner’s camp.

“Sniper! There’s a sniper!”

“Find the damn sniper! Hurry up and find him!”

The pirates from Lardner’s camp didn’t dare to stand in the middle anymore. Now that they saw the sniper firing, they were reminded that if they continued standing here, they would be the next target.

Lardner, who was hiding, was shocked when he heard that there was a sniper. He immediately jumped to the side and stopped showing his face.

This time, Ye Jian didn’t continue sniping. She had already sniped seven targets at this position. If she stayed any longer, she would be discovered by the people hiding in the dark.

The people from Andiken’s side were more cunning than those from Lardner’s side. They were like rats in a sewer. It was hard to guard against them.

The blood-colored sunset spread across the sky like a wildfire, bringing a strange scenery to the entire Mogadishu. The scattered light shone on the ground, refracting the blood-colored light.

The cannon fire in the city was endless. The entire street was lifeless and eerie. There was no one around. The ruins that were destroyed by the cannon fire were enveloped by the blood-colored sunset. Anyone who saw this scene would feel suffocated.

There was no hope, no future, only despair.

Someone was standing in a dark corner and looking out a hole. His eyes were cold.

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