Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2594

2594 This Is Fate

T6 got into the vehicle a few seconds later. When he got in, he threw two grenades at the entrance of the auction house. The grenades rolled down the ladder. As the vehicle rushed out, a huge explosion came from behind them.

The entrance of the auction house was blasted into a mess. The flames from the explosion ignited the place that was full of camel fur. The fire engulfed the entire auction house.

The car drove past the road in front of the auction house. After turning a corner, they rushed out according to their original plan. They turned into a street that T6 had blocked. Now, it was time for Z7 to take action.

“Z7! Blow up the road!” Ye Jian, who was observing from a high position, shouted in a low voice.


Boom… Boom… Boom…

The explosion shook the ground for several kilometers, and the earth was shaking. A deep pit was created in the middle of the street.

V8 and Z7 rushed out and headed straight for the truck. Once Ye Jian gave her order, she ran over with her sniper rifle.

“Kill them! Kill them!”

Lardner, who was rushing over, saw everything in front of him and kicked a pirate carrying a bazooka. He roared, “Damn it! Are you blind? Blow them up! Blow them up!”

The speed of the bazooka was many times faster than the speed of a car. V8, who rushed out, turned around and saw that the other party had set up a bazooka. His eyes were bloodshot as he roared, “Charge out! Charge out!”

He couldn’t let G3 slow down! They needed to rush to the front and turn!

Ye Jian, who was rushing down, heard that something was wrong. She immediately ran to the side of the broken wall where the bricks were exposed. She looked forward and saw the bazooka tearing through the sky with a swoosh. It was heading toward the pickup truck.

At that moment, Ye Jian felt the blood in her body cooling down instantly. Within two seconds, her entire body turned cold.

The bazooka flew past her eyes. The blood on Ye Jian’s face disappeared completely as her lips trembled. She felt hopeless and suffocated.

In an instant, the entire world turned dark and cold.


An explosion louder than a mortar came. Ye Jian blinked lightly. Suddenly, her black eyes were filled with bloodlust. She grabbed her sniper rifle and rushed back to the top floor of the abandoned building.

“Q King! Damn it, did you hear what I said? Reply to me!”

V8 had no choice but to rush to the ruins at the side because of the huge explosion from the bazooka. He spat out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with gunpowder. He was too late to make a decision just now, and gravel hit his lips. Now, V8’s mouth was filled with the smell of blood.

Z7 almost fainted from the impact. Just as he got up, something suddenly slammed into his back. Z7, who was halfway up, felt his blood boiling. The huge impact on his chest caused him to fall back to the ground.

His chin hit a cement block. The tip of his chin was badly mutilated. Red blood dyed the fine sand embedded in his flesh black. Blood flowed down his chin drop by drop.

Z7 knew that he had been hit by a bullet. The pain from the impact on his back made him feel as if the entire frame of his back was pushed away. He held his breath and raised his hand to grab the red brick beside him. He gritted his teeth and rolled to a corner.

He knew that he had been hit by a bullet, and it was a high-caliber bullet. The reason why he didn’t die was… Z7 raised his hand and touched his back. The reason why he didn’t die was that the bulletproof vest and bulletproof plate saved his life.

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