Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2593

2593 A Respectable And Lovely Person

The hundreds of people who were rushing over with heavy weapons heard the sound of gunfire from the auction house and shouted as they rushed toward it. As they shouted, they fired bullets from the guns in their hands.

The people outside were swept away. The illegal militants who rushed into the auction house quickly turned back. One of the people at the front had just popped his head out when V8’s bullets riddled his head with holes.

Z7 kept his communication equipment. As G3 drove the truck out of the street, he waited for Ye Jian’s signal to blow up the entire street.

The moment the flashbulb was thrown out from the basement, the eyes of the illegal militants turned white from the stimulation. Xia Jinyuan and T6, who were wearing goggles, swept across the chaotic crowd.


Between the two of them was K7, who was carrying the body of the martyr. The body of the martyr was almost stiff. Only the kneecap and the joints of his hands and elbows were still a little flexible.

To prevent the martyr’s body from getting hurt again, K7 first put on a bulletproof vest for the martyr. Then, he used a rope to tie the martyr’s body tightly behind his back. The rope was wrapped around his chest and crossed once. Then, he tied the martyr’s legs tightly to his waist.

This way, K7 would be able to free up his hands to fight with guns. He could also ensure that the body of the martyr would always be carried on his back.

“Retreat. Retreat.”

Xia Jinyuan, who was sweeping the opponents in front, opened up a bloody path and quickly covered K7 as he rushed out of the entrance of the auction venue. There were expensive camel bone handicrafts hanging on both sides. As long as someone rushed out from the front, Xia Jinyuan would sweep them with his submachine gun.

This was how a bloody path was created.

Countless corpses were strewn all over the corridor. The three of them smelled the suffocating air as they fought their way to the entrance.

“G3! Reinforce!”

Q King’s cold voice came from the channel. G3, who was already prepared, immediately put down the handbrake and stepped on the accelerator. The truck rushed in as if it had lost control.

The people at the entrance of the auction venue had been cleared. Those people who thought that they had hidden well were also shot in the head by Ye Jian’s bullets.

Someone shouted, “Sniper!” The nearest illegal militant looked as if he had seen a ghost. He didn’t dare to stand up with his gun anymore. Instead, he lay down and searched for the sniper.

Ye Jian was sniping from all directions. It was a mess now. In addition, V8 had been using his light machine gun to suppress the other party. It was difficult to find her hiding spot.

Even if the other party discovered a sniper, it would be difficult to find Ye Jian in a short period of time.

Besides, Ye Jian didn’t stay in one place for too long.

It was difficult for a sniper to complete multiple snipings on the battlefield. Multiple snipings were equivalent to exposing their position. Five illegal armed men were killed consecutively. Ye Jian picked up her sniper rifle and carried it on her back. She quickly moved from the building at the side of the auction venue to another position.

The illegal militants in front approached the auction house. V8 aimed the light machine gun in front of him and used the hot barrel to cover Xia Jinyuan and the rest as they got into the car.

“Get in!”

The truck stopped at the entrance of the auction house. The back of the truck was filled with dust caused by the wheels. Xia Jinyuan grabbed the edge of the pickup truck with one hand and jumped into the truck. He set up his gun and ordered V8 to suppress the illegal militants that were rushing over from behind.

As K7 was carrying the body of the martyr, he wasn’t as agile as he usually was. T6 supported him and stepped on the leg of the rear wheel. He pushed them up forcefully, and K7 carried the body of the martyr into the vehicle.

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