Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2592

2592 Tragic

The layout of the basement wasn’t complicated. Because of this, there were no blind spots to cover them. Xia Jinyuan and K7 were out in the open. Similarly, the other party didn’t have any cover either.

Also, Xia Jinyuan had pressed the button that triggered the explosion, making the people in the basement think that the people outside had been killed. They climbed out of the secret entrance one after another to check. Under Xia Jinyuan’s cover, K7, who was hiding in the dark, rushed into the secret entrance at a very fast speed and went to the basement.

Gunshots were heard from K7’s side.

It was T6’s turn to wipe out the first wave of people who rushed in.


Z7, who couldn’t see the situation in the basement, entered the last string of infiltration codes and bypassed the detection using fragment reorganization technology. He used multiple coding and confusion techniques to hack into the last set of surveillance cameras. Staring at the computer screen, his expression was so dark that he looked like he had been splashed with ink.

“At 6 am this morning, the front desk receptionist and the hotel manager appeared in the basement…”

He emphasized every word. “An hour after entering, the surveillance program was changed, the HA deployment was rebuilt, and an independent infiltration defense system for the cameras in the basement was set up. The hotel provided technical support. I suspect that the hotel is involved in this kidnapping. After we return to our country, we’ll report this matter and see if the higher-ups can find anything.”

It was unrealistic for them to investigate this further. The seven of them would evacuate immediately after retrieving the martyr’s body. They wouldn’t stay any longer.

Every one of them heard Z7’s voice. Xia Jinyuan, who was fighting fiercely below, raised his gun and killed three pirates from the Bonant Guards. He held the hatch with one hand and jumped down.

After jumping down, he stepped on two bodies that were still warm. Below, the smell of blood and gunpowder filled the air. Kicking on a flashbang shell that K7 threw down before he jumped down, Xia Jinyuan hid in the corner between the two basements and aimed his gun at the dark hole above to prevent anyone from jumping down.

T6 blocked the firepower outside. He was relying on the bullets to block it. He didn’t dare to throw the grenades. He was afraid that if he threw too many, the entire auction house would collapse and the three of them would be buried alive.


K7’s cold voice was heard. There was no other nonsense. Everyone understood what he meant.

The entire auction house was filled with gunpowder and blood. T6 shouted, “If you don’t come out, I’ll choke to death! Brothers outside, hold on. We’ll rush out from the main door!”

The ventilation duct was built on top of the auction house. If one wanted to go up to reach it, one needed to hook a rope. It was easy to go down from the top but hard to go up from the bottom.

They couldn’t go through the ventilation shaft, so they could only go through the normal entrance.

If they wanted to rush out, they had to rely on V8 and Ye Jian.

One of the two SA honeycomb-style machine guns was aimed at the entrance while the other was aimed outside. V8, who had already set up the heavy machine gun, placed his finger on the trigger and said to Ye Jian, “Azure Bird, I’ll leave the machine gunner in front to you. I’ll shout to three and we’ll shoot together.”

The entrance was where G3 drove his truck and rushed over. Taking care of the machine gunner was equivalent to giving G3 cover.


Ye Jian replied in a low voice. Her scope was already aimed at the head of the machine gunner. She placed her finger on the trigger and counted with V8.






After the sniper rifle finished firing, the back of the head of the machine gunner at the entrance 876 meters away from Ye Jian exploded. His entire brain was blown up like a watermelon by the 12mm sniper bullet.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

V8 pulled the trigger tightly, and bullets rained down from the front.

The most intense and tragic battle would begin.

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