Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2591

2591 Fight

The basement built by Andiken had good bombproof capabilities. When it was being built, he had taken safety issues into consideration. Hence, the small-scale suicide bomb beside the elevator didn’t shake the entire basement at all. After a short tremor, the illegal militants hiding under the basement moved out.

Lardner did suspect that the Chinese might have sent people to rescue the four scientists. At first, he didn’t think about this until Andiken told him that Curry did want to kidnap the scientists last night but didn’t succeed.

With Andiken’s reminder, Lardner had a huge suspicion about whether the Chinese had sent people to save their scientists. However, he still didn’t think of using a dead soldier as a trap. He only sent people because of Andiken’s reminder.

To Lardner, the person in the metal cabinet was just a dead comrade. He was already dead. Why would they try to retrieve the body? But Andiken repeatedly said that he would definitely get an unexpected surprise. He also took the initiative to say that even if the auction house really suffered any losses, he would not let Lardner compensate.


Lardner, who was furious, was persuaded by Andiken. He had his own dark thoughts too. He was short of people and money now. Besides, who knew if Andiken was the one who leaked the information about the Chinese scientists?

After coming out of Kensall Bay, he rushed directly to Andiken Auction House. In the end, because he was too anxious, he left behind the iron cabinet that contained the Chinese soldier.

Andiken’s persuasion made Lardner agree ‘half-heartedly.’ Since the other party wasn’t afraid of losses, he didn’t have to be afraid either!

That was why the Xueyu unit was facing such a difficult problem.

However, everyone in the Xueyu unit knew about this problem. Otherwise, Xia Jinyuan wouldn’t have asked Ye Jian to guard outside while he entered with K7.

Everyone knew how dangerous it was to enter the basement. In Spat’s personal weaponry earlier, V8 got excited when he saw the bullets, and G3 only focused on the bulletproof plates…

He knew that the special forces of the Xueyu unit shared a tacit understanding. They prepared all the combat equipment and weapons so that they could better deal with the dangerous battle that was coming.

Hearing Xia Jinyuan’s voice, G3, who was sitting in the back of a truck with a heavy machine gun, said, “Leave the outside to us. I’ll leave the inside to the three of you.” He was very calm. There was no panic in his voice.

There were only seven of them. Next, the seven of them would have to fight against hundreds of people and break out of the encirclement. There was no choice. They didn’t have enough manpower, so they had to do multiple jobs alone.

Z7, the electronic demolitionist and communicator, was ready. Once his three comrades came out, he would activate the explosive device.

V8 aimed his heavy machine gun at the entrance of the auction house, ready to suppress the other party with firepower at any time.

The explosion came from the basement. The illegal militants guarding the auction venue immediately hid. They kept an eye on their surroundings with guns. At the same time, a few people rushed into the auction venue with guns.

T6 met them when he went down. He set up a mini-charge and swept them.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The continuous gunshots were like the brutal sound of the Grim Reaper. Within ten seconds, many people fell into a pool of blood.

“Q King, K7, I’ll guard outside. Kill the people inside and rush out!” T6, who was hiding in the dark, gritted his teeth and said with a cold and vicious gaze, “Leave the outside to me. Not even a mosquito will be able to fly in!”

With T6’s support outside, Xia Jinyuan and K7 didn’t have to worry about danger approaching from the tunnel.

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