Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2566

2566 Mr. Fu Said That Young People Are Not Bad

The internal strife in Mogadishu wasn’t something the Xueyu unit could interfere with. Now that the four scientists were rescued, no matter how chaotic the outside world was, it had nothing to do with them.

The darkness of the night gradually faded. After walking for one and a half hours, they could see figures three meters away from them. All the special forces soldiers of the Xueyu unit were on guard and surrounded the four scientists in the center. In front, Lin Feng raised his hand and knocked on the iron door of a bakery.

They had arrived at the place where they would meet Spat.

In the bakery, Spat had been waiting for Lin Feng. When he heard the knock on the door, he jumped up from the fabric sofa that was covered with colorful pillows. At the same time, he took out the pistol that was pressed into the gap of the sofa cushion. He turned his body vigilantly and walked to the door.


He asked in the Masoli language, “Who’s outside?”

“It’s me.” When Lin Feng heard his voice, a hint of relief appeared on his tired face. He had finally found him.

The sound of a lock being unlocked came from inside, followed by the sound of iron chains being pulled. The iron door opened, and Spat appeared in front of Lin Feng. At the same time, he glanced outside.

There was no one outside. Only his friend was here.

Lin Feng said in a low voice, “This is your hiding place. I didn’t ask them to come over.”

Considering the identities of the four scientists, he didn’t dare to bring them directly to Spat.

The hands of Chief Engineer Fu, who was hiding, were shaking slightly. This was a black man. His eyes were filled with arrogance. When he looked at others, there was brutality in his eyes.

He had seen this gaze before. He saw it in the eyes of the pirates who kidnapped him.

That meant that this man was a pirate too.

“Lin Feng was sent by National Security to receive us. Although his partner is a pirate, he’s a pirate that Lin Feng trusts very much. We obtained heavy weapons and a plane through him.”

Ye Jian, who was on guard at a close distance, whispered to Mr. Fu, who had been following her deliberately, afraid that she would go too far away. “He can be trusted. Don’t worry.”

“It’s better to be careful.” Mr. Fu, who didn’t trust pirates, shook his head. There was a hint of seriousness in his eyes. “You can choose to trust them, but don’t trust them completely.”

It meant that they couldn’t rely on just one pirate.

Ye Jian understood what he meant. “Of course. We have our own reservations.”

Pigeon, who didn’t show his face, and the scientists who weren’t brought to Spat, showed their reservations about Spat. He could be trusted, but he couldn’t be trusted completely. Captain Xia thought so too.

“Your captain is young, but he’s very experienced. He’s a rare young man. Learn from him. You’ll benefit a lot.” Mr. Fu looked at the young soldier with a strong background. He felt that his back view was stable. He nodded in satisfaction.

The young man was indeed not bad. From his arrangements, one could tell that he was meticulous and rigorous. No one could find any flaws.

His daughter and the other comrades trusted him and obeyed him. This showed that his ability was extraordinary.

Considering his young age, perhaps only his nephew could come close to this guy.

Ye Jian looked at the tall figure in front of her and smiled. ‘Not bad, Captain Xia. Your future father-in-law admires you.’

Xia Jinyuan, who was on guard, didn’t know that his future father-in-law was admiring him. When he entered the battlefield, his aura was cold. There was only a cold look on his handsome face. The thoughts of his girlfriend and his future father-in-law were temporarily put aside.

His mission now was to escort the four scientists back to their country safely.

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