Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2565

2565 Chaos

Lin Feng was very familiar with Mogadishu. The special forces soldiers who followed him didn’t need to scout the way at all. They just needed to be on guard. This undoubtedly saved a lot of time.

The bombardment of Lardner’s residence had a certain impact on the entire city. In order to prevent further attacks, the government armed forces had been deployed early just in case.

The city was already chaotic. Now that the government forces and the illegal armed forces had made a move, the streets of the entire city seemed empty. However, danger was hidden in the dark. It could be life-threatening.

The bar beside Lardner’s residence was in a mess. The men and women, who had been immersed in excitement, immediately ran around like headless flies. The explosions, music, screams, and gunshots mixed together. The scene was chaotic.


The Bonant Guards guarding the bar reacted and surrounded the other party from all directions.

In their eyes, human lives were not worth respecting. They wanted those dishonest fellows to know their place.

In order to do that, they shot those people dead—even if there were young people in the crowd who didn’t pose a threat at all.

A few people with small caps on their heads mixed with the crowd and ran out of the bar.

In order to escape, they deliberately pushed down a screaming young man. They even stepped on the young man who was pushed down. They didn’t care about the screams of the young man under their feet. They stepped on someone’s life and left.

“It’s them. Do you see that? It’s them! Shoot! Shoot!”

In the chaotic hotel, a few members of the Bonant Guards finally found their target. They pointed at the crowd and shouted loudly. Amidst their roars, bullets were fired at the crowd.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Amidst the intense gunshots, even more miserable screams sounded. Young people who didn’t bring guns fell wave after wave. The entire bar was filled with the smell of gunpowder and blood. It was like hell on earth.

The armed men at the exit of the bar rushed over too. They raised their rifles and fired at the crowd that rushed out. They would rather kill a thousand innocent people than let a single opponent go.

The people who rushed to the front fell, and another batch fell…

More and more people fell, and more and more blood flowed out.

A moment ago, this place was a place of luxury. At this moment, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was hell on earth.

A man wearing a loose cotton robe was standing outside the gunfire. He was staring at the front with a sinister look in his eyes. Dozens of illegal militants holding guns were surrounding him and protecting him.

The explosion of gunfire was right in front of him, but he was very safe.

Very soon, a few half-naked locals wearing underpants ran over with guns in their hands.

They ran all the way to the man’s side and knelt on the ground with their right legs. They pointed at the back of Lardner’s residence and said a few words. The expression of the man in the cotton robe changed drastically. He glared fiercely in the direction his subordinates were pointing at. Then, he turned around and jumped into the jeep that was parked beside him. The wheels kicked up sand and dust as it drove off.

It was already 3 am in the morning. Soon, the sky would light up. Some people could greet the next day while for others, it would mark their last day here.

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