Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2567

2567 Lost Contact

Lin Feng walked into the bakery and came out very quickly. It was almost dawn. The outline of Lin Feng’s face could be vaguely seen now.

Spat didn’t come out. He closed the door of the bakery again as if no one had disturbed him.

“The helicopter is parked at Spat’s house. We’ll go over now.” Lin Feng lowered his voice as he walked out and communicated with Xia Jinyuan. “Let’s go to the wealthy district first. I’m neighbors with him.

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to leave today. As for the specific arrangements, you can go to my house first. If you really can’t leave, you can rest at my house for a day. You can let your comrade’s father rest for a day too.”


Lin Feng looked at a hidden corner. Too many things had happened at night. He even witnessed a father-daughter reunion.

It was no longer as dark now. Even the buildings in front of them were gradually visible. They didn’t stay any longer and immediately rushed toward the wealthy district.

The road was not peaceful. In front of them, a group of illegal millitants ran past with guns in their hands. They roared as they ran past the streets. Occasionally, they would fire a stray bullet, waking up the homeless civilians. It made people feel uneasy.

Pigeon and the rest, who had not gathered with Xia Jinyuan and the others, headed toward the retreat route they had planned out before. They came to a ruin to hide. Including T6, the group of eight people leaned against the dusty wall and rested.

Sparrowhawk was still fiddling with his communication device. He sent out countless signals, but there was no response. When he failed to send the last set of signals, he gave up.

“Their communication device is broken. We can only wait for their location to be sent over.” After a night of battle, Sparrowhawk’s eyes were red. He kept the device and wiped his face against the wall to rest. “Before their location is sent over, we can either guard here or… go back to the original hotel. Pick one out of the two. Which one should we choose?”

“Back to the hotel!” T6 didn’t think too much and said in a deep voice, “If all the equipment is broken, at least the hotel can be our meeting place. And this place… Sparrowhawk, how far do you think it is from the hotel?”

Returning to the hotel was indeed a solution. Spirited, Sparrowhawk immediately pulled out the electronic map. “It’s not far. 12 kilometers! We can get there in one and a half hours!”

12 kilometers. If they just ran, it wouldn’t take much time. However, they still needed to avoid those millitants. That would take some time.

It was only 12 kilometers, so they chose to go back to the hotel.

“Okay, let’s go back to the hotel directly!” Pigeon said. They were in charge of escorting the rescued scientists back to their country. They mustn’t cut off their contact with Q King.

After deciding to return to the hotel, they couldn’t delay any longer. Before they left, T6 said, “There might be a problem with the hotel we’re staying in. The people at the front desk are all people who know how to throw bombs. The security guards outside are all people with guns.

“The National Security personnel told us that these hotels are famous for their safety in Mogadishu. Nothing has ever happened to the foreigners who stay there. Hence, we have to be careful when we enter later.

“We’ll go straight into the room. We won’t go through the door.”

No matter what was wrong with the hotel, they wouldn’t investigate it. They would avoid the staff in the hotel and reduce their presence.

After resting for five minutes, the special forces soldiers continued their journey. This time, their goal was clear and they moved faster.

At this moment, the Bonant Guards found the two abandoned cars. The four Chinese people they hijacked with much difficulty were not in the cars. There was no one in the cars, and no traces were left behind.

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