Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 253 - Robbery On The Train (3)

Chapter 253: Robbery On The Train (3)

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The people from Yannan City were famous for bullying the weak and fearing the strong. They were smart but timid. After Ye Jian glared at them, they didn’t dare to do any more cheap tricks.

The middle-aged woman’s breath got heavier. She sat beside her husband and whispered to him, “Don’t call the police. Those people might let us off when they robbed enough people in front.” Although she was whispering, Ye Jian could hear everything.

“Don’t talk so much. Keep the money safe.” The middle-aged man didn’t even listen to what his wife had to say. He just asked her to stop talking and take care of the money.

Ye Jian’s impression of the couple dropped.

At the compartments in front, Ye Ying sat obediently beside Ye Zhifan. She grabbed her father’s clothes tightly. Her face was expressionless but her eyes showed how frantic she was now.

“Father, let’s not retaliate. Let’s give them all our money.” She didn’t want to lose her life for money.

Ye Zhifan patted his daughter’s hand. They would definitely have to take out some money. However, he would not give the robbers everything. “Don’t talk. You are a student. They will not do anything to you. I will give them the money.”

The other passengers on the train thought the same way too. They would give some money to the robbers but they wouldn’t give everything.

Some people wanted to hide their money but when the metal bars knocked on their beds, they became agitated. Some even screamed. They weren’t able to hide their money calmly.

When the robbers came to knock on the beds in Ye Jian’s compartment, the middle-aged couple got extremely frightened. After the robbers walked passed them, the two of them looked as though they almost fainted.

However, Ye Jian still heard the middle-aged woman sighing softly, “That was lucky.”

Lucky? Lucky that the robbers didn’t snatch their money and their cellular phone?

“Uncle, if you don’t use your cell phone to call the police now, your belongings will disappear five minutes later. Once the train slows down in front, these people will jump through the windows. It will be too late to call the police then.” Ye Jian reminded the couple again after the robbers left.

But even after she told them the consequences, the couple didn’t do anything.

Her eyes were cold. It was understandable that they wanted to protect themselves. However, they had the chance to help other people. If they still chose not to do anything now, they were heartless.

Principal Chen sighed. He waved his hands. “It’s useless. Everyone just wants to protect themselves.” He sounded disappointed and helpless. He paused for a moment before asking Ye Jian, “Do you know who is their leader?”

“There is only one person who didn’t step up.” Ye Jian looked away from the couple. She lowered her voice and said, “The man who bumped into me hasn’t appeared.”

Someone didn’t want to hand over his money again. The robbers beat the person up. Screams of agony could be heard. Still, no one stepped up.

“Damn it, I can’t take it anymore,” The person sleeping on top of Ye Jian’s berth suddenly said. The young man who was going to the provincial city for work climbed out of his berth and wanted to jump down.

Principal Chen knew that he was unable to do anything alone. He stopped the young man. “Young man, wait for a moment. Let’s think of an idea together.” As long as someone wanted to uphold justice, it would make things easier.

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