Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 252 - Robbery On The Train (2)

Chapter 252: Robbery On The Train (2)

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Ye Jian got up. The people around her had woken up due to the commotion too. However, none of them moved. Ye Jian said to the middle-aged man, “Uncle, you have a cellular phone. Hurry up and call the police.”

The middle-aged man moved his body slightly. Ye Jian saw him hiding something in his pillow. Then, he kept still and pretended that he didn’t hear what she said.

He wasn’t planning to do anything. He didn’t want the robbers to know that he had a cell phone.

Ye Jian smiled. Do you think that you can protect yourself like this? Do you think that you will be safe by keeping yourself clear from other people’s business? How naive!

The robbers wanted to keep everything quiet at first. However, when some people didn’t cooperate, the robbers knocked their guns on the beds. The sound struck fear in everyone.

The sound also woke everyone in the carriage. Some people were in such a deep sleep they didn’t know what was happening. A young man who got annoyed said, “Are you looking for death…” No sound could be heard after that.

The young man saw the light reflecting on the metal pipes. He had no weapons on him so he chose to keep quiet.

“Put all your money on the bed. If you don’t follow what we say, you will be beaten up. Let’s see if your bones are harder or these metal pipes are harder.” The robbers gave up their plan of waking people up by the compartments. They used their metal pipes and knocked on the berths. The sound woke everyone in the carriage up.

Children started crying first. Then, the screams from ladies could be heard.

Outside the carriage, lightning flashed across the sky. Thunder roared. The lightning lit up the carriage for a few seconds. Around ten men of different ages and sizes could be seen holding metal pipes and standing fiercely in the carriage.

All of them started shouting at the passengers. They threatened the passengers with the metal pipes and forced them to take out their money.

The middle-aged woman below Ye Jian turned pale.

Suddenly, she stood up and threw the bag under her pillow on Ye Jian’s bed. She begged Ye Jian, “Girl, you are a student. They will not be too harsh on you. Can you help me keep this bag? I will take it back from you later.”

Ye Jian wanted to laugh. The woman was trying to say that if she didn’t keep her bag properly and hand it over to the robbers, she would ask her to compensate the money to her.

Nothing good would come from this.

Ye Jian threw the bag back. She said lightly, “They didn’t even let off a child. Why do you think they will let me go? Also, don’t try your schemes on me. I don’t want you to ask me for compensation after this money disappears.”

The middle-aged woman looked awkward when her plan got exposed. She turned and looked at the middle-aged man. Then, she looked at Principal Chen.

Before she could say anything, Principal Chen said coldly, “There is danger in front of us but all you can think of is scheming against other people. Looks like you are not a law-abiding businessman.”

The middle-aged woman started cursing when both of her plans failed. “Leaving people in the lurch. You all will be unlucky for life!”

“Go and save other people now.” Ye Jian’s gaze turned cold. She gazed at the middle-aged woman intently and said, “If you dare to take a step back, you will be unlucky for life!”

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