Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 251 - Robbery On The Train (1)

Chapter 251: Robbery On The Train (1)

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There was no one in the security post in the carriage. She couldn’t find anyone to inform them about this situation.

This time, Ye Jian didn’t alarm Principal Chen. She laid on her bed quietly. She never fell asleep again.

At around 2 am, the train slowed down to let another train passed again. Ye Jian was already tensed up. She listened to her surroundings carefully.

Around 15 minutes later, a movement could be heard on the train. Most people were asleep at this timing. Even those people who bought hard seat tickets were sleeping soundly.

After some time, Ye Jian heard the doors between the carriages closing. She opened her eyes slowly. Her left hand slowly moved towards the silver thread on her right wrist.

“Don’t move first.” Principal Chen’s voice came from beside her. “Let’s understand the situation first.”

He pointed at the middle-aged couple below them. He made a signal with his hand. He wanted Ye Jian to not alarm the other passengers first. Principal Chen sensed that something was amiss too.

Ye Jian nodded slightly. She maintained her position and silently observed her surroundings.

Most people were deep asleep now. Ye Jian could hear the snores of the middle-aged woman who had been maintaining her vigilance all this while. Even she couldn’t keep herself awake. She probably used too much energy just now.

Someone started walking. Ye Jian heard someone waking up. The person who woke up made a sound of disapproval. After half a second, the person’s tone changed. It was filled with fear. “What are all of you trying to do?”

He spoke loudly but the noise of the train covered up his voice. Only his neighboring berths heard him.

The people sleeping at the back had no reaction. They didn’t know what was happening in front.

“Robbery.” Principal Chen sighed. Every time there was a holiday, this kind of thing would happen on a train. “Girl, don’t act rashly. We need to catch a snake by its head. Let’s see who is their leader first.”

It was impossible for them to not care about this matter. Principal Chen had some money on him too. It was meant for him to buy some books in the provincial city.

The passengers in the first compartment were all woken up. Under the threat of guns, they took out all their money obediently.

“F**k, is this all you’ve got? Take off your pants!” Someone only took out a few pieces of notes. The robber collecting the money got angry and slapped the person. “If I find more money on you, I will kill you!”

“You, you… you are so unruly!” An old man couldn’t bear to see the person getting hit and stood up for him. The robber saw this and slapped the old man too. He said fiercely, “Stupid old man. If you dare to say another word, I will kill your grandson!”

The old man had a three-year-old little boy beside him. This was his weakness.

Ye Jian clenched her fist slowly. These robbers hit the elderly and threatened the life of a child… This is absolutely lawless!

The slap frightened the other passengers. Some people wanted to stand up for the old man but the guns in the robbers’ hands held them back.

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