Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 254 - Robbery On The Train (4)

Chapter 254: Robbery On The Train (4)

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“Everyone will be hurt if this carries on.” The young man gritted his teeth and climbed down his bed. He kept his voice down as he said, “The robbers will be happy if none of us retaliates.”

The middle-aged woman heard this and replied softly, “Why don’t you go out and chase those bastards away?”

Ye Jian looked at her angrily. Did she think that other people were stupid?

A familiar voice floated over from the front. “Why are you hiding your money? Our lives are more important. We can’t win against these people. The doors leading to other carriages are locked. No one can enter. It’s useless to call the police too. We are in a mountainous region. The police will take a long time to come. By that time, the robbers will be gone.”

This person appeared to be caring for the passengers. Ye Jian narrowed her eyes.

“The quicker we take out our money, the faster these people will leave. It’s more important to protect our lives. We can always earn more money, right?” The man took out his money and placed it on his bed. “It’s not worth losing our lives for this money.”

“It’s that man’s voice. He is persuading other people to hand over their money.” Ye Jian smiled gently when she remembered who this person was. “He is right and wrong at the same time. This place is some distance away from the next station. Based on the speed we are traveling at now, we will reach the next stop in around half an hour.”

“That means that they have approximately 20 minutes snatch all our money.”

Ye Jian whispered to the young man beside her, “Brother, what you need to do is simple. There is a cellular phone under the uncle’s pillow. You must borrow it and call the police. Such matters should be dealt with by the police.”

She emphasized the word ‘borrow’. She was telling the young man that he didn’t need to ask the uncle nicely. He could use some forceful actions.

Everyone was standing together so the middle-aged woman heard what Ye Jian said. She trembled in anger. She gritted her teeth and said, “How dare you? Fine, if you dare to snatch from us, you must be on their side.”

“Old Liu, keep your phone properly. This girl is so evil.” They had half an hour until they reached the next station. It was good for her if all the people in front of them didn’t cooperate with the robbers.

That way, the robbers would not be able to reach them. If the police came now and alerted the robbers, it might endanger their lives.

Ye Jian understood what she was thinking. She smiled and said sarcastically, “You want to keep your money and let the robbers leave on their own. Auntie, you are thinking too much.”

“If you call the police after they snatch your money, you will not be able to get a single cent back.” Ye Jian hit the soft spot of the couple. Principal Chen didn’t stop her. He allowed Ye Jian to threaten the couple.

The middle-aged man lowered his voice, “Block the robbers for me. I’ll call the police.” He was worried about letting other people take his cell phone.

The commotion in front got louder. The robbers knew that they didn’t have much time left so they pointed the metal bars at the passengers and got even fiercer.

The children started crying. Even some timid ladies started crying too.

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