Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 246 - Die Trying

Chapter 246: Die Trying

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What happened today… He would remember what Principal Chen did to him today!

Not only would Ye Zhifan remember this, but all the people who saw this scene would also remember it. They would be unable to forget it for a long period of time.

One month passed. Ye Jian had been the center of attention for almost a month ever since her registered residence was changed. Just as the hype around her was dying down, Ye Ying’s appearance caused everyone to start noticing her again.

One of them sat in the classroom with an energetic face while the other one stood at the door with a pale face. When their eyes met, Ye Ying’s gaze turned cold.

Ye Jian replied with a gentle smile.

Ye Ying saw this and started moving towards Ye Jian. All her classmates were looking at her. Then, she did something that made An Jiaxin dumbfounded.

“Ye Jian, I’m really sorry.” Ye Ying walked over and apologized to Ye Jian sincerely. “My mom can be irritating sometimes. She does things based on her emotions. I’ve been wanting to apologize to you but I was in bad health. I only recovered yesterday.”

“I’m really sorry that I didn’t manage to apologize to you earlier.” Not only did she apologize, she even bowed down.

Ye Jian stood up calmly. After Ye Ying straightened her back, Ye Jian smiled gently. Ye Ying had learned to control her emotions. “I hope that we will be able to work happily with each other in the upcoming year. I hope that the town mayor’s wife can think before she acts. She is the wife of an officer. I’m sure your family doesn’t want the Municipal Discipline Office to hear about her actions.”

Damn it, this stupid girl was threatening her.

“Of course. I also hope that we can work together peacefully. Also, thank you for your reminder. I will ask my mother to take note of her actions.” Ye Ying gritted her teeth secretly. However, she maintained a smile on her face. Her smile seemed relaxed but there was a coldness in it.

An Jiaxin was astounded. She was still in a daze after Ye Ying left.

She was not the only one. The entire class was flabbergasted. Only Ye Jian, who had fought with Ye Ying many times, was able to smile. Her smile irritated Ye Ying.

For the next few days, Ye Ying would hear all kinds of hurtful comments directed at her. However, she forced herself to bear with it.

Ye Jian was starting to see signs of the Ye Ying in her past life.

On the 30th of September, there was only half a day of school. When lessons ended, all the students rushed out of their class happily.

Ye Jian and Principal Chen left the school immediately too. They needed to rush for the bus to the city which would leave at 12.30 pm.

Then, they had to take a train into the province and rush to arrive at the Provincial People’s Great Hall before 9 am tomorrow to accept Ye Jian’s commendation. There was no time to lose.

On the bus, Ye Ying saw Ye Jian boarding. She clenched her fist tightly. Something dark flashed past her eyes.

“Yingying, be careful. The bus is moving off soon.” Ye Zhifan noticed this and reminded her calmly. Then, she smiled and greeted Principal Chen who came in after Ye Jian. Nothing amiss could be detected on his face.

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