Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 245: - Testing Each Other Secretly

Chapter 245: Testing Each Other Secretly

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Secretary Wu was going to leave with Grandpa Gen and Company Commander Yue. Before he left, he reminded Principle Chen, “Town Mayor Ye seemed unwilling to sign the document. That shows that he is unhappy with the fact that Ye Jian is going to have a new registered residence. The school might need the support of the government in certain areas next time. What you did today… Town Mayor Ye might bear a grudge against you because of this.”

The school and the government didn’t seem to have any relationship but in fact, they were closely knitted. For instance, if the school wanted funds to renovate their facilities, they needed to go through government sectors.

If Fujun Town Middle School needed funds from the government, the first sector they had to go through was the town government. It was understandable that Secretary Wu would be worried.

He wanted to remind Principal Chen so that he could be prepared for this kind of situation.

However, if he hadn’t prepared anything, Principal Chen would not offend Ye Zhifan. Hence, he smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, Secretary Wu. Our school has some relationship with the military. If Town Mayor Ye cannot settle some things, the military can help us.”

That was why Principal Chen was not worried that Town Mayor Ye would make things hard for them.

Getting Ye Jian’s registered residence out was much more important than getting funds for the renovation of the school. After Town Mayor Ye passes Ye Jian’s registered residence booklet to Grandpa Gen, everything will end today.

To Sun Dongqing, getting Ye Jian’s registered residence out of her family was a good thing.

She didn’t pretend to have a headache anymore and immediately went to look for her registered residence booklet. However, when Ye Zhifan wanted her to give the Dragon Jade back too, she refused.

That jade… was worth a lot of money! It was said to be worth 200,000RMB ten years ago.

How much would it be worth now?

Taking the jade away was like taking her life away. Her voice turned shrill as she said, “You agreed? You agreed to that? Ye Zhifan, are you stupid? Do you know how much that jade is worth? There is no way I’m going to give it back to her.”

Ye Zhifan didn’t have the energy to quarrel with his wife. “I will go to the jade shop in the afternoon. Hurry up and give me the jade.”

“Mom, give Father the jade.” Ye Ying heard the commotion and came out of her room. She stood at the door of the master’s bedroom and frowned. She said with impatience, “Didn’t you hear Father saying that he will go to a jade shop in the afternoon? He is going to find a piece of fake jade that looks like the Dragon Jade.”

With just a single sentence, Ye Ying knew what Ye Zhifan wanted to do.

Sun Dongqing instantly smiled after hearing this.

“I agreed to go with Uncle Gen to finish the relevant procedure for moving Ye Jian’s registered residence. Just nice, I can do that along the way. Also, Yingying, don’t go to school for the next few days. Everyone is on Ye Jian’s side now. You are not her match.” Ye Zhifan never thought of letting Ye Ying change school. He wanted to evade the problem for the time being. When everything died down, he would send her back.

Ye Ying’s eyes turned dark. After some time, she said in a low voice, “If I really leave, she will think that I’m afraid of her. I rather stay in school. What can she do to me? I don’t believe that I’m worse than her.”

“Father, can you look for an English teacher for me when you go to the city? Next time, I will go to the city every Friday and come back on Sunday.”

Ye Zhifan would definitely agree to such matters. At the same time, he was glad that his daughter took the challenge head-on. That was how his daughter should be! Escaping is not a solution. The best way to welcome a challenge is to accept it and use her actions to prove that she was good too.

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