Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 247 - Something Amiss

Chapter 247: Something Amiss

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This was the Ye Zhifan that Ye Jian was familiar with. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He would smile at you as he stabbed a knife in your back.

All the people on the bus knew Ye Zhifan. They were having an enjoyable conversation together. Ye Jian sat at the back and whispered to Principal Chen, “You can have a rest first. We need to sit for more than five hours and catch a train at night. It is a long journey. Your body might not be able to handle it. If we reach before the 8 pm train, we can find a place to rest first.”

The other time, Xia Jinyuan started driving at 6 pm and reached the city at 11 pm.

Just now when she got onto the bus, she saw Principal Chen rubbing his left shoulder secretly. She looked at the sky outside. It was dark. Whenever it rained in July, the weather would turn cold. Principal Chen’s shoulder was hit by a bullet before. It would hurt whenever it got cold.Please visit on our NovelFull

Ye Zhifan turned and looked past the people between them. He said to Principal Chen, “Principal Chen, our train is at 8 pm too. Shall we go to the train station together?”

What a coincidence!

They took the same bus and the same train. Wasn’t this a coincidence?

They reached the city after five and a half hours of journey. When they went onto the train… even their sleeping berth was in the same carriage.

When Ye Ying saw Ye Jian appearing in front of her again, her expression turned malicious. She was in the shadows so her face couldn’t be seen clearly. She glared intently at the back view of Ye Jian who was preparing to board the train.

Ye Jian seemed to have felt the gaze. She turned around. Then, she slowly turned back.

Not only were they in the same carriage, but they were also in the same room too. Their sleeping berths were all in room 8.

“Hey, are you going to walk? Don’t block the way.” A man urged her angrily. When he saw no response from the person in front of him, he grabbed a dirty luggage bag and rushed forward directly. The bag knocked into Ye Jian. The fat man squeezed Ye Jian to the side and boarded the train first.

There was something hard in the bag. Ye Jian’s shoulder hurt. At the same time, she heard the sound of metal pipes knocking into each other in the bag.

The security checks in 1995 were not stringent. Metal pipes and other metal objects could be brought into the train. If it was just a normal person, Ye Jian would not have noticed him. However, she felt killing intent from this fat man. She pursed her lips tightly.

Principal Chen saw her change of expression. After she boarded the train, he asked, “You were frowning just now. Did you get hurt from the knock?”

“The man has metal pipes in his bag. Also, his aura… makes me uncomfortable.” Ye Jian didn’t hide her feelings. She continued in a light tone, “It reminds me of the stories you told us when we went to the province the other time.”

Principal Chen thought that Ye Jian was being too sensitive. He replied, “Let’s wait and see first. We are sleeping on the upper berth. If anything happens, we can observe them.”

In 1995, trains were still messy. There were many pickpockets. At night, many people would start crying. Everyone would start to lose something.

The pickpockets were the most active around 2 am. This was when normal people were in deep sleep.

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