Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 228 - Worse Than Ye Jian (1)

Chapter 228: Worse Than Ye Jian (1)

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“Did Ye Jian went out to have fun during the summer vacation like what madam said, or did she went to do other things? The answer is in this videotape. Students, you are all reasonable people. Let’s invite Town Mayor Ye into the classroom to find the truth together with us.”

Applause. What kind of applause was this? This was a slap in the face. Everyone clapping was actually slapping him.

Ye Zhifan had never met such humiliation before. However, he had to pretend that he knew nothing and thanked the students. Then, he entered the classroom and sat beside Secretary Wu.

The moment he sat down, he heard Secretary Wu saying, “Town Mayor Ye, your wife is a piece of treasure. I respect her. Really.”

As compared to the obvious sarcastic remarks the students were making, Secretary Wu was at a higher level. Ye Zhifan felt bitter but he couldn’t say anything.

He shook Secretary Wu’s hand voluntarily. “Sorry to let you see this. Sigh, my head hurts too.” He shook hands with Principal Chen. “I’m really sorry about this. My wife created trouble for you.”

“This is not the first time. I’m used to it. Town Mayor Ye, have a seat.” He smiled. His words caused Ye Zhifan to feel awkward again. He almost lost control of his expression.

Sun Dongqing was elated to see her husband. She thought that he was here to back her up.

But, her husband didn’t look at her even after she threw him a few glances. She started complaining secretly. At the same time, she got a little scared. Did she create trouble again? She personally saw the wicked girl dating the young man!

No one spoke. The sky of Australia appeared on the television. Then, the scenery of Sydney was seen.

About a minute later, the scene changed to show a bus entering a school compound. Some students got down the bus. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students, who were only holding a pencil case, entered a spacious and brightly lit classroom.

A banner with the English word ‘The Science Olympiad’ was shown. The Chinese translation was typed out at the bottom of the screen.

There was no commentary heard. No one came out to explain what was happening too. The screen was focused on a few students. Ye Jian appeared the most.

“This was the first day of the Science Olympiad. We were given five hours but Ye Jian only used less than four hours to answer all the questions. She got the highest score that day and helped the team get a good result.”

Gao Yiyang started explaining. He spoke slowly with his slightly hoarse voice. There were no emotions in his voice but the students still got excited.

After some time, the applause started sounding. When the national anthem of China started playing on the television, the applause got louder. No one stopped even when their hand hurt from clapping.

“Wow, Ye Jian, you are amazing!”

“Look at that Vietnamese. Oh my god, he almost cried! He couldn’t win against Ye Jian so he cried. How embarrassing!”

The mental speed quiz was being shown. Ye Jian stood on the podium and calmly explained how she got her answer. The competitors from the other countries were nervous and agitated when they saw her speed of answering.

Towards the end, Ye Jian and another young man were the only ones competing. They rushed to answer the questions and their answers were all correct.

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