Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 229 - Worse Than Ye Jian (2)

Chapter 229: Worse Than Ye Jian (2)

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When one of the students made a wrong step. Ye Jian immediately took over and accurately solved the question. When she said the final answer, all the students heard the applause coming from the video.

“Good! Very good!” Compliments could be heard. Ye Jian was given some screen time. Other students were perspiring profusely but there was no sign of sweat on Ye Jian’s face. She maintained her composure throughout the competition.

Her calmness was enchanting. She had confidence and pride. From her eyes and her presence, you would not be able to tell that this was the same person as the Ye Jian in the classroom. She looked totally different.

When she started to speak English, all the students were surprised. No one knew that she could speak English. No one heard her speaking it before.

All the students stared at the screen nervously. The competition was over but through the screen, they could still feel the excitement. A few of them even clenched their fists tightly as they waited for the results.

Sun Dongqing was dumbfounded. The person speaking English was the wicked girl? She… she went overseas for a world competition? Why did it seem unreal?

She knew what the stupid girl was like.

“Ye Ying, this… is fake, right?” She looked up curiously and lightly touched Ye Ying who had stopped crying. “Why does it look fake? Even if they needed to send someone, you should be the one going.”

Ye Ying didn’t reply to her. She was in a daze. She kept muttering to herself, “How can this be? How can this be? How can this be? No, it’s impossible. It’s impossible.”

She looked as though she was possessed. Something was wrong.

The video was reaching the end. When the organizer announced China as the winner, the classroom erupted with applause.

After calling Ye Ying a few times and not receiving any replies from her, Sun Dongqing felt a chill. She stood up and shouted to the back, “Zhifan, Zhifan, hurry up and look at our daughter! Something is wrong!”

She only had one child. Nothing must happen to her!

Ye Ying was not someone easily beaten. When her mother shouted, she trembled and woke up from her daze.

She stared at the television intently. After everything ended, all the students from China hugged Ye Jian. The smiles on their faces were piercing to Ye Ying.

The applause was louder than Sun Dongqing’s voice so only Ye Ying heard her shout.

“Mother, I’m fine. Stop shouting.” Ye Ying’s face was cold. She clapped along numbly. “Go back with father and see if you can transfer me to another school. I can’t stay in this school anymore.”

Sun Dongqing finally managed to hear her daughter speaking. She frowned after listening to Ye Ying. “What are you saying? Transfer schools? Transfer to where? You will study here! This is fake! Everything is fake! Why do you believe it? I know how smart the wicked girl is.”

She didn’t know that Ye Zhifan had shot a few glares at her already.

Why didn’t she listen to him when he asked her to lay low for this period of time? Why did she come to the school? What did she want?!

After the video ended, Gao Yiyang switched off the television and said in a low voice, “This is the reason why Ye Jian wasn’t in town for the summer vacation. She went to study. She passed the city, province, and national tests. After that, she flew to Sydney.”

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