Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 227 - What A Loud Slap In The Face (7)

Chapter 227: What A Loud Slap In The Face (7)

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This time, even Secretary Wu was surprised…

Do such people exist?! This, this, this… kind of woman, how did Town Mayor Ye fall in love with her? Why did he marry her?

Wasn’t he destroying his own future?

Ye Jian almost laughed out loud. Aunt, are you being smart or stupid? Do you think that this is your home? Do you think that you can do whatever you want here?

She didn’t even need to open her mouth. All her classmates were already on her side.

Ye Ying’s friends were shocked too. They couldn’t understand why the friendly Aunt Sun suddenly became… like this. Xie Sifeng wanted to say something but she didn’t dare to anymore. She was afraid that all her classmates would look down on her.

“Auntie, how can you be so shameless? Who do you think Ye Jian is? A slave?”

“Auntie, you must be Ye Ying’s stepmother!”

“That’s right. Only a stepmother would do something like this.”

If she was Ye Ying’s mother, she wouldn’t come and make a fuss in school. This was a humiliation to her!

When Ye Zhifan rushed in, his wife was being cornered by the students.

The teachers didn’t stop the students so they continued speaking up for Ye Jian. However, they didn’t speak back about Ye Ying.

Looking at the situation, Ye Jian felt that she should stand up and make some reply. She stood up and raised her hand. All the students turned quiet.

From this action, it could be seen that Ye Jian held a certain position in the class. All the students respected her.

After a while, she slowly smiled and said, “Aunt, I have pride. You scold me, hit me, humiliate me, frame me, and spread rumors about me. Now, you still want me to take Ye Ying as my younger sister and view you as my elder?”

“Just be your Town Mayor’s wife properly. As for me, I’m sorry. I don’t have an aunt like you. Neither do I have a younger sister like Ye Ying.”

After she finished, she sat down. Secretary Wu nodded. This was a magnanimous speech. Her actions were upright. He could see her character from this reply.

He said to Principal Chen, “She is a good student. Her tolerance level is high too. It’s a pity that she has such an aunt.”

“Obstacles make people grow. Ye Jian has her morals. Let’s continue listening. This matter hasn’t ended.” Principal Chen purposely hinted Secretary Wu that they would have a chance to speak later.

Mrs. Ke found the town mayor standing at the back of the classroom, green with anger. She heaved a sigh of relief.

Her life savior was here. If he came slightly later, she might have to go to the public health center.

She took her blackboard wiper and hit the blackboard. She spoke fiercely, “Quiet! Everyone, quiet! Anyone who speaks will stand outside and recite the textbook for one hour!”

After the class turned silent, Mrs. Ke said to Principal Chen, “Principal Chen, Town Mayor Ye is here. What do you think…”

“Please let him in and have a seat.” Since he came, he shouldn’t leave, Principal Chen invited the town mayor into the classroom happily. He ordered Gao Yiyang who was wearing a cold expression, “Classmate Gao, play the videotape. Let our Town Mayor Ye watch it together with us.”

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