Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 214 - Use Your Heart To See The World

Chapter 214: Use Your Heart To See The World

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“My chicken can’t get lost. I’m giving it away as gifts!” One of the villagers reminded the conductor as she hurried them along.

The conductor was the wife of the driver. After she took the money, she said, “Who would take your chicken? They are safe at the back. If you put them in the car, it will smell terrible. Also, it’s summer now. The smell will be even worse. Get in the car. Stop wasting time.”

It was normal for people to have poultries with them when they visited their relatives in town.

There were many students in the bus. The bus drove on the bumpy road and reached the town soon afterward.

Buses that moved between the villagers and the town were all old and used buses from the town. There was no air conditioner on the bus. All the passengers wanted to break the windows.

Gao Yiyang had been waiting for a long time. There were only three bus trips from Shuikou Village to the town. One bus trip in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. Since Ye Jian was not on the first two buses, she had to be on this bus.

Very soon, an old bus drove into town. Gao Yiyang bought two green bean ice sticks from the small shop. He pushed his bicycle with one hand and then walked towards the bus. After a few steps, he stopped suddenly.

He saw Ye Ying. He also saw the town mayor’s wife who had been really famous in town these few days.

The moment Ye Jian got down the bus, she felt that today must be an unlucky day for her. She saw Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying, all dressed fashionably, getting onto the bus. They started speaking to the woman who asked the conductor about her chicken.

The woman’s younger sister gave birth at the hospital in town. The town mayor’s wife, Sun Dongqing, helped them out so the woman came personally to thank her.

Ye Jian didn’t plan to evade them. So what if she met them? Once she entered school, she would have to meet Ye Ying every day. They were in the same classroom. How could she evade her?

The sun had already started setting but the air was still stuffy and warm. Ye Jian looked at Ye Ying who was wearing a fake smile. She was obviously irritated. She took her luggage and walked down the bus.

Ye Ying was indeed frustrated. However, her father just assumed office so he needed the support of the villagers. If not, she would not have come out personally for a few chickens and ducks. She needed to be friendly. Her father emphasized that she and her mother needed to be friendly towards the villagers.

Ye Ying gave a fake smile as she waved the fan in her hand. She raised her eyes slightly and saw the face that she hated.

Her gaze turned sharp. She stared at Ye Jian viciously.

Every time she thought about what happened at the farm village near the capital city, she wanted to tear that face apart.

“Ye Jian!” She gritted her teeth. Her voice was low and sinister. There was a malicious intent in it. She didn’t walk over to Ye Jian but just stared at her angrily. Anyone who saw her gaze would feel a chill in this hot weather.

She’s still the same. It’s hard to change your personality. Ye Jian gave Ye Ying a smile as her reply. It was a cold smile full of contempt.

Sun Dongqing reacted instinctively to Ye Jian’s name. She immediately shouted, “Where is she? Where is that b*tch?” She looked up and saw Ye Jian getting down the bus with her luggage. She fumed in anger. “Stupid b*tch, stop right there!”

“Do you know who your elder is? Where did all the knowledge you learned go to? Are you being disrespectful to your elders?”

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