Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 213 - Military Beauty

Chapter 213: Military Beauty

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Prior to his departure, Xia Jinyuan sent out a letter to Ye Jian’s school, with the hope that she would receive it upon the start of the school year.

He did not want to follow her habit of leaving without saying goodbye…

The letter arrived at the school two days before the start of the school year. After returning to the mountains and the military unit, Ye Jian immersed in gun practices and training with other soldiers every single day. Time passed by quickly like flipping pages, when she looked up from the practice targets, it was already time for her to return back to school and embrace the start of ninth grade.

Seeing her reluctance to leave the unit, the soldiers burst out and teased Ye Jian like she was their younger sister.

When she departed at noon, even the Regimental Commander laughed out loud at the crowded scene where dozens of soldiers showed up to bid farewell to her.

He said to the Political Commissar, “This little girl is born to be a soldier. She didn’t even blink an eye when she cut her long hair for training purposes. She looks just like a boy.”

He paused and added. “The only thing is, her skin is still pale white even after three weeks of training under the sun.”

“It would be a shame for a girl to become as tan as coal,” the Political Commissar chuckled. There were only men in the military unit, including the doctors. But ever since Ye Jian joined the unit, she has brought some balancing effects.

Though no one could enter the military unit at will, Ye Jian was different. Even the military company had their eyes on her and specifically called in to make sure she was taught well.

The little girl had a good temper and she was willing to bear any hardships. No matter where she went, she would shine like gold.

Any military unit would gladly open the door to a talent like her.

Days passed by quickly, the soldiers and even the Political Commissar were unwilling to see her go.

They walked her all the way to the camp gate until the soldiers could no longer go any further. Handing over her luggage, they lightly patted her on the shoulders and smiled. “Come back during the weekend and we will carry Company Commander to the back mountain to hunt for pheasants in autumn!”

“Definitely, I’ll bring many packets of cumin. A sprinkle of cumin powder is the key to baked pheasant!” Ye Jian’s flawless facial features were exposed after she cut her hair short. Her dazzling black eyes sparkled under the sunlight and her smile resembled the morning sun. “Wait for me on Saturday morning!”

Compared to the colorful life outside, Ye Jian loved this land of fervid ardor even more.

She looked back after walking out of the camp gate only to find the figures dressed in green military uniform becoming as one with the mountains behind. A smile crawled up the corners of her eyes as she saw everyone standing straight like long shotguns outside the camp gate, fully prepared even when at ease.

In the military unit, the most spoken phrase was ‘train the troops for a thousand days and use them for one time’, and the most discussed topic revolved around ‘protecting home and country’.

No matter what era, that line of green shadows will always be the ‘loveliest people’ of all time.

After coming out of the military unit at noon, Ye Jian got on the bus which would head back to town in the afternoon. The bus was occupied by fellow villagers or neighboring villagers who chatted the whole way back to town.

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