Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 212 - The Regretful Major Xia

Chapter 212: The Regretful Major Xia

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Wang Mo chuckled. “Don’t worry, we will definitely call you.”

Director Li was not too worried about the three of them leaving together. Nevertheless, he still called and gave their flight information to Teacher Zhu from Province High School after dropping them off at the departure gate.

“I am going straight to the train station to see if there are tickets left to get back to the city tonight.” Ye Jian told Gao Yiyang of her plan once they boarded the plane. “I can go back on my own. I also want to get back as soon as possible.”

It had been a while since her last training, therefore, she was in a hurry to get back!

His brow slightly furrowed, Gao Yiyang glanced at her and said, “There are tickets, let’s go back together.” She didn’t mention her plan to him before. If he hadn’t bought the tickets ahead of time, she was probably going to head back alone.

“Ok.” Ye Jian lightly nodded. Though they came clean of previous misunderstandings, she wasn’t interested in establishing a close friendship. Keeping a simple acquaintance was enough.

Noticing that her attitude towards him was less repulsive than before but not close enough to become close friends, Gao Yiyang felt slightly bitter. He didn’t say anything and just closed his eyes to pretend to be resting.

After chatting with Ye Jian for a while, Wang Mo yawned and soon fell asleep.

Although Ye Jian had her eyes shut, she was not sleepy but rather felt clear-headed just by thinking about returning to the intense training.

As she wished, when they arrived in the province shortly after 5:00 pm, Gao Yiyang immediately called to reserve two tickets for the train that leaves at 7:45 pm. They didn’t even see Teacher Zhu, instead, they headed directly to the train station.

From Australia to Capital City, then back to the province, then back to the city, the town and lastly the village… it took Ye Jian over two and a half days on the road.

At mid-afternoon, the sun was shining so brightly that the cicadas had stopped singing. The village calmed down, even the panting dogs were laying under the tree shades to hide from the sunlight.

When Ye Jian walked into the peach orchards with her luggage in hands, Xia Jinyuan had already arrived in the hotel back in Capital City where they were supposed to meet.

“Did anyone contact you? Are you sure?” Brows tightened and lips slightly pressed down, Xia Jinyuan looked at Han Zheng unbelievably. “Are you sure no one called you while you were hanging out in the night club?”

Patting his chest, Han Zheng was eager to assert himself. “Definitely not! I was on guard for twenty-four hours! That little girl of yours never contacted me, I am certain!”

Why would he think his brother was lying to him?

Feeling wronged, Han Zheng almost came down in tears and said sadly, “Why would I lie to you? In my opinion, you mean nothing to that little girl. It’s such a rare occasion to see Major Xia being rejected by others. This just makes me feel….so fu*king great!”

Amid his friend’s ridicule, Xia Jinyuan’s face gradually tensed up. That little girl didn’t come over, so to see her again… could be difficult. Maybe it would take months, or even… years.

Originally, Xia Jinyuan was supposed to join the new unit at the end of the year, but as a result of the ‘Crushing Stone Operation’, he had been instructed to report to the new unit instead of returning to his old unit first. This new military unit, which was often given highly classified assignments such as war-zone operations, international pursuits, foreign assassinations, and intelligence spying… was called ‘Xueyu Unit’.

Since the little girl didn’t show up, Xia Jinyuan ultimately set out for Xueyu Unit with deep regrets.

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