Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 215 - People Who Seek Their Own Death

Chapter 215: People Who Seek Their Own Death

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Sun Dongqing had not seen Ye Jian for a few months. She heard her daughter telling her how Ye Jian bullied her in school so she wanted to teach Ye Jian a lesson.

Ye Jian pretended that she didn’t hear her. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of so many people.

Of course, if Sun Dongqing really wanted to lose her face in public, she didn’t mind helping her.

All the people Sun Dongqing met these few days smiled and spoke to her with respect. Only this stupid little b*tch went against her. She didn’t even turn to look at her. She was looking down at her!

Sun Dongqing was so angry she wanted to chase after Ye Jian.

Seeing her huge reaction, Ye Ying’s heart dropped. She muttered to herself, “This is bad.” Then, she hurriedly stopped her mother. “Mom, we are in public. Don’t embarrass dad. Remember what dad told you.”

The moment Sun Dongqing heard about her husband, she stopped in her tracks. The fats on her body shook as she tried to calm herself down. She stared at Ye Jian’s back view and panted heavily.

“Stupid b*tch. She is just lucky today,” she scolded in a low voice before deciding to let Ye Jian go.

Ye Jian heard Sun Dongqing talking bad about her to the woman from the neighboring village. She told the woman that she didn’t come back the entire summer vacation. It was not good for a lady to stay out all day…

Ye Jian walked quickly so she didn’t see Gao Yiyang behind Ye Ying with a cold face. He only saw one side of the matter last time. But now, he heard everything. Only when he experienced it for himself did he know how astonishing some things were.

For instance, this town mayor’s wife didn’t know anything but she still shamelessly talked nonsense and framed Ye Jian.

“No matter how bad your family’s relationship with Ye Jian is, I’ve never heard her talking behind your back,” he said in an emotionless tone. The words impacted Ye Ying heavily.

Ye Ying quickly thought of a solution. How much did he hear? How much did he know?

No, I need to distract him. He was so cold towards her in the suburban area outside the capital city last time. This time, she must regain his favor.

She calmed down and slowly turned over. She pretended to look excited and said in a natural tone, “When did you come back? Today? Why are you so late?”

Normally, Gao Yiyang would come and look for Ye Ying the moment he came back.

“I was indeed stupid last time.” Gao Yiyang looked at Ye Ying who managed to gather herself and acted so naturally within such a short time. There was contempt in his gaze. “Hearing is deceiving, seeing is believing. As for you, I have to use my ears, eyes, and heart to observe you.” This sentence was a reminder to himself too.

It might be an act of kindness when she passed him her handkerchief or it might be because she wanted to gain a good reputation among her classmates.

Ye Ying was hard to understand. He couldn’t see through her and he didn’t want to try to anymore.

After what happened at the farm village, he saw her true character. She would not change just because he scolded her.

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