Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 180 - Major Xia on the Move

Chapter 180: Major Xia on the Move

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When she took out the tampons from her bag earlier, Ye Jian was staking a bet on a man’s ego against the kidnappers’ vigilance.

As it turned out, her judgment was correct.

Leaning against the cold wall, Ye Jian exhaled a sigh of relief. She was carrying a localizer and a communication device with her. All she had to do was send her location to Xia Jinyuan!

As for the International Police… well, she didn’t trust them!

On the other hand, Gao Yiyang was looking around for escape routes. Splash. As he pulled open a heavy curtain, he saw a faint light of the streetlamps through the dark brown sliding glass.

Overjoyed, he reached out his hands to push the sliding window, but the window remained still. Obviously, it had been sealed.

“Ye Jian, come here.” Instead of giving up, he turned around and said to Ye Jian, who was leaning against the wall. “We need to find a way to pry this glass window open.”

Gao Yiyang acted calmly so that he could even search for ways to escape. Undoubtedly, his behavior had somewhat put Ye Jian’s mind at ease.

There was no surveillance camera in the room, so they were not being watched. Turning her back on Gao Yiyang, Ye Jian put the earpieces into her ears. The earpieces had no signal due to the far distance. And then, she took out the localizer, which was smaller than her palm, and inputted a series of numbers. Beep, beep, beep. The signal was soon heard.

The code she sent out went through a series of processing and transcoding. Finally, it appeared on Bale’s laptop server.

“Xia, here!” The reason Bale became the police officer meeting with Ye Jian in the hotel was that he used to work with the Chinese military. This time, when no one stood up to help, he took the initiative to offer assistance in the operation of the Chinese Military.

Both Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu were in the room. As they heard the signal from the server, they almost simultaneously rushed to the front of the laptop.

Clicking, zooming in, localizing, confirming… In less than two minutes, they had identified Ye Jian’s location.

“It’s Kings Cross. A place rampant with drugs, gangs, and brothels. Damn it. That place is full of our enemies. It’s a bit difficult to rescue Jian,” said Bale angrily. He slammed the table after he saw the location clearly. “Xia, you need to catch Red Scorpion. Leave Jian to us.”

Xia Jinyuan felt relieved as he confirmed Ye Jian’s location. He said to Xu Yu, “We are leaving in three minutes.” And then he said to Bale, “Thanks, my friend. We can take care of this issue. But right now, let’s get rid of Red Scorpion first.”

Bale was not a frontier mission policeman, so he could not go with Xia Jinyuan. Worried, he said, “Be careful. The Sydney police had made so much effort to control that place but they had failed.”

He pondered for a moment and pulled out a pistol from under his pillow on his bed. “Take it, pal, you will need it.”

Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu both had guns, but Ye Jian didn’t.

Xia Jinyuan caught the gun and checked the magazine, which carried a maximum capacity of 15 rounds. Raising his eyebrows, he reassembled the gun deftly. With an elegant but somewhat frivolous smile on his face, he said, “It would be better if I can have one more magazine with full rounds. I would feel safer that way.”

Bale shrugged without any comments. Smiling, he took out a magazine from under his nightstand and tossed it to Xia Jinyuan. “Good luck, pal.”

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