Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 181 - Nothing to Fear

Chapter 181: Nothing to Fear

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The night was young with various groups of men and women flirting on the Kings Cross street. There were men who wore very little clothing and women who dressed seductively. Even the office workers in suits and leather shoes were also flirting with the sexy women.

Instead of drinking, people here gulped down one glass of beer after another. Soon, the street became full of drunkards. Though they were singing, screaming, and even hugging trees and wiggling, nobody made fun of them.

This was the famous red light district, where any kind of oddity would be tolerated.

The rooms inside the building had excellent sound insulation. No matter how noisy the outside world was, the inside remained quiet.

After sending out the signals, Ye Jian quietly waited for Xia Jinyuan’s further instructions. Now that he got her address, he would come to save her.

That was how much she trusted him.

“Take a break. There’s no rush for that,” said Ye Jian plainly to Gao Yiyang, who was still trying to pry open the window.

After the fourth failed attempt to open the window, Gao Yiyang did as told and sat down.

Instead of sitting next to Ye Jian, he sat in front of her, face to face. Frowning, he stared at Ye Jian and said in a deep voice, “You don’t seem scared at all.”

“Neither do you.” Ye Jian smiled gently. She had always been absolutely calm and composed. “There’s no need to feel frightened for the things that already happened, because there is still hope. And there’s no need to feel scared for the things that have not yet happened.”

For the numerous questions Gao Yiyang had in mind for her, her speech was the answer to them all.

After a long silence, Gao Yiyang gave a self-mocking smile. “You are right. It’s me who didn’t understand the situation here.” Sarcasm swept through Gao Yiyang’s indifferent look as if he suddenly remembered something. Then he returned to silence.

Hands in the paper bag, Ye Jian didn’t respond. Her slender fingers slid over the gun… She felt safe with a gun in her hands.

A shot from the gun would have broken the sealed window. But she couldn’t do it now.

Not until Xia Jinyuan contacted her.

She had no idea where Red Scorpion or the Vietnamese boy was. Since the foreign criminals who were doing business with Red Scorpion claimed to get rid of Ye Jian after midnight, she assumed that Red Scorpion and the Vietnamese boy were nearby.

The Chinese military had been monitoring Red Scorpion at large. This meant that the flow of drugs had also been put under surveillance. What Ye Jian needed to do was wait for the timing to escape with Gao Yiyang.

The Western man, who had lost his pistol, searched again outside of the hotel. Not able to find a trace of the gun, he cursed and returned to the bar.

He had no clue when he had lost his pistol or who had stolen it. He could only blame himself for his carelessness.

It was legal for individuals to hold guns in this area. Therefore, if anyone had found his gun, it was not unlikely that he/she had kept it for himself/herself.

Upstairs, the foreign criminal suspect had established contact with Red Scorpion. The deal was supposed to be carried out at a place designated by Red Scorpion, but he moved it to the bar. The reason was very simple, his student was too naughty!

The Vietnamese student was crouching in a car for Red Scorpion had beat him harshly. Painful as he was, he dared not cry out. Shivering in fear was another Vietnamese boy who sat next to him holding a black bag.

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