Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 179 - Guns Pointed at Heads

Chapter 179: Guns Pointed at Heads

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As Ye Jian got off the car, a pair of hairy hands grabbed the bag which she was holding in her arms. Instead of losing grip, Ye Jian took out a packet of tampons from the bag. Crying abashedly, she stuttered in English in a fearful tone, “Do men need this? Do… do you need this?”

As the other three kidnappers saw the tampons, they burst into laughter.

The man who grabbed the bag also laughed, but he suddenly pulled out a pistol from behind and placed it against Ye Jian’s forehead. With a fake smile on his face, he said, “Kid, don’t mess with me.”

Although a gun was pointing at her head, Ye Jian became increasingly calm. She didn’t scream, instead, she opened her eyes wildly, trying to look like she was about to collapse due to fear.

Actually, Ye Jian’s attention was on the pistol and she tried to figure out its make.

It was a 180mm-long, Beretta 8000 Cougar F-model pistol with 15-round magazine capacity and ambidextrous safety levers. She thought she might need a pistol on her escape tonight.

“Boom!” The hairy foreign man intimidated lightly. When he and the other kidnappers saw the frightened look on the girl’s face, they laughed even louder and more brazenly.

From their indifferent laughter, it seemed certain that they didn’t give a damn if they killed two more people.

“That’s enough, Jenny,” said the man on the passenger seat. As he got off the car, his brown eyes glanced at Ye Jian, then at the female products. He told the man to loosen his grip. “I assume you won’t be needing these things anymore very soon.” He gave a meaningful smile at Ye Jian.

Despite his smile, his voice was intimidatingly chilly.

“All right, guys, stop teasing them. They’ve been behaving quite well. I prefer a quick disposal, thrilling and satisfying,” said someone, laughing. What the gang didn’t notice was that there was a more ferocious look in Ye Jian’s eyes.

Standing in a dark alley without street lamps, Gao Yiyang felt so pale and sweat was seeping from his forehead.

Creak. Creak. As a rusted iron door opened slowly, the deafening sound of heavy metal music tore apart the silent night.

Gao Yiyang and Ye Jian were pushed into a colorful world, a KTV overwhelmed by glaring lights, incessant music, and a crowd that was dancing insanely on the dance floor.

Nobody in the bar noticed the group. The criminal suspects in the front even greeted the servers at the bar. They walked across the dance floor into the bar counter, turned at a corner and appeared before a bright elevator.

Still holding onto her bag, Ye Jian crouched like a quail, hoping to reduce her presence as much as possible.

“All right, let our little friends wait in the room next door. We will play with them after midnight,” said the man in the front, laughing. He even patted Gao Yiyang on his shoulders. When the elevator reached the eighth floor, he left, arrogantly.

This was his territory. Surely, he could do whatever he wanted.

Click. As the room was locked, Ye Jian exhaled a sigh of relief.

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