Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 18 - He Was Stunning

Chapter 18: He Was Stunning

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He had two completely opposite vibes. On one hand, he was pure and dignified; but on the other, he was cold and formidable. Somehow, these different aspects had been naturally integrated into this man.

Ye Jian lowered her head and said, “I don’t need protection. I will show you the way.”

She couldn’t keep looking at this man. The man’s presence was so powerful that it seemed like he would devour the weak.

His gaze was transparent and chill like a sword. If he looked at her one more time, Ye Jian had the feeling that he would split and expose all her secrets.

As his military boots stepped on the bush, the subtle sound made Ye Jian nervous at once.

“How are you going to protect yourself? And how will you lead our way?” said the young man gently while standing in front of Ye Jian. There was a faint smile on his face. Like the morning breeze, it swept away his cold and fierce vibe immediately.

The moment he spoke, his voice became refreshing, thus eliminating his chill aggressiveness.

How could somebody alternate his vibe and aura so easily in an instant?!

Dumbstruck, Ye Jian raised her head and saw that marvelously stunning face.

Every detail on this face was exquisite, handsome and refined. Even the faint smile on the corners of his mouth seemed resplendent like the midday sun. It was hard not to admit that he was attractive. People would try their best, at all costs, to keep such a devilishly handsome face by their side.

A few years later, this man’s vibe would grow even stronger, to the extent that people would feel pressured merely by glancing at him. They would automatically lower their heads and subject to his formidable presence.

“I can manage,” said Ye Jian calmly while looking at this man. She had stopped herself from admiring his handsome face. “I can save you a lot of time by showing you the way.”

“Besides, the man named Brother Kun has a gun. Be careful.”

I can manage?

After hearing what she said, the man’s eyes slowly dimmed. This man seldom smiled. For fear that the little girl might be frightened, he smiled specifically to calm her down.

Since he stopped smiling, his thin lips seemed extremely daunting, thus bringing back his chill vibe he had previously restrained.

Ye Jian didn’t avoid his gaze. She saw that coldness was rising gradually from the young soldier’s pitch-black eyes. As his faint smile vanished, he said in a cold and deep tone, “Young girl, it’s easier said than done when it comes to protecting yourself. As for showing the way…”

Xia Jinyuan was aware that the seniors from the mountain usually led the way for the soldiers, but they had never let a teenage girl shoulder such a role.

In his eyes, Ye Jian was indeed just a little girl.

Likewise, in Ye Jian’s eyes, he was merely a young soldier who was around his twenties.

Ye Jian smiled lightly and said, “Major, you should choose to believe me rather than standing here and talking to me.”

The hawk-eyed young Major examined this girl standing upright before him. Moments later, he nodded, as if he was appreciating her, but there was something more in his nodding. He said, “You are very brave.”

He passed by Ye Jian and then instructed the rest of the soldiers. “Escort her down the mountain. Close the mountain pass until the suspects are found.”

Young as he may be, he was a military official with real authority.

But Ye Jian did not concede. She turned around and looked at the straight back of the Major. She smiled gently and said, “I threw the Black Zaocys snake at Brother Kun and it bit him. His life would be in danger if he did not receive medical treatment one hour later. Major, can you find them in one hour?”

Can you find them in one hour? Why did it sound like this girl was threatening me?

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