Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 19 - Not Familiar With Each Other

Chapter 19: Not Familiar With Each Other

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Never had Xia Jinyuan faced such an obvious threat from anyone. What surprised him more was that the little girl before him was audacious enough to go into the mountain with them.

Sun rays were scattering through the leaves. Standing under the dappled light and shadow, this girl had a pair of firm and tenacious eyes, which also contained loneliness and detachment.

The expressions in her eyes were incoherent with her age. It was quite appropriate to say that she was precocious and had an old soul.

After observing the persistence in her eyes, he found it brutal to turn her down.

“Little girl, hurry up if you want to lead the way. Liu Bing, take care of her.” It’s not that Xia Jinyuan had believed she could show them the way. It’s just that he didn’t want to continue talking to this precocious girl without doing anything about the suspects.

Only by seeing an extremely dangerous situation with her own eyes could the girl listen to his warning obediently.

He strode forward. Wearing his camouflage battle uniform of the land force, he used one hand to cling to the bush and leaped gently. His arched back made him look like a ferocious beast eyeing its preys in the forest.

The soldier, Liu Bing, who was asked to stay with Ye Jian, took off his helmet and said smilingly, “Girl, I can’t believe you dared to threaten Captain Xia. Luckily you are not his soldier, otherwise…” he clasped the helmet onto Ye Jian’s head. “Otherwise, he will fix you hard.”

“Put on the hat and follow me.”

So, the young Major went by the name of Captain Xia. There was nothing to be afraid of. Ye Jian had her own reasons when she requested to help them.

Without a chance to refuse to wear the helmet, Ye Jian climbed through the bush with both hands and followed the soldier.

“Here are the marks of people squatting. Here are the traces of the legs of tripods. Photo these.”

Soon, Ye Jian caught up with them. She saw the man who was addressed as Captain Xia and the soldiers, who she thought were chasing the criminals, standing together. Everywhere Captain Xia pointed, one soldier would photograph that spot with a camera.

Xia Jinyuan had heard the rustling of bushes behind him. He was a bit surprised. This girl is wild. She has caught up with us so quickly. He thought.

“I met them a little bit over there. But they are not there now,” pointing at the slope before her, Ye Jian pursed her lips and said. “However, I doubt they will continue going upward.”

Considering that one man was bitten by a snake, he would die if he stayed longer in the mountain.

“That’s right. So we can collect evidence first,” said Xia Jinyuan with a gentle smile. Obviously, he knew what she meant. He tilted his head to look at her.

There were no telephone signals inside the mountain. It was impossible for the people trapped here to send out information or make phone calls for help.

Although Captain Xia was a man with an intimidating presence, when he smiled, he was extraordinarily charming.

Ye Jian had never thought she would be distracted by a man’s look. However, at this moment, she couldn’t help but glance at him one more time.

As the breeze from the mountain stroked her face, she came to herself from the distraction and also noticed a hint of smell.

She held her breath and exhaled lightly. In an instant, her eyes lit up, making them bright and resplendent like diamonds.

Within a few steps, she had arrived beside Xia Jinyuan. She said in a voice that only belonged to teenage girls, “How long will it take for you to collect the evidence? They are not very far. You can chase after them immediately.”

Xia Jinyuan subdued the intimidating gaze in his black eyes and calmly looked at this girl standing inches away from him.

Like before, the perseverance in this girl’s eyes made her words trustworthy.

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