Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 17 - Bumping into A Gun

Chapter 17: Bumping into A Gun

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Every snake was agile. They could be extremely aggressive if their hearts were not squeezed, especially the venomous snakes.

The freed Black Zaocys snake wriggled its body. It opened its mouth and bit Brother Kun’s arm.


Gasping, Brother Kun grabbed the snake and threw it into the woods. He gritted his teeth and said, “Go fu*king get her! That bit*h knows what we are talking about!”

But it was not easy to chase after Ye Jian.

In her previous life, after she encountered her first accident, to make herself stronger, she formed the habit of running in the morning because she was used to getting up early. Rain or shine, she never stopped running afterward.

That was why the security company’s boss, who also ran every day, hired her, even when she didn’t have any identification document with her.

Her 28-year-old soul had integrated well into her 14-year-old body.

The wind from the mountain was scraping her face, and the trees were retreating. She had run far away from those guys.

It only took her ten minutes or so to run from halfway up the mountain to the bottom of it. Rather than run on the path, Ye Jian chose to run in the woods. The rustling leaves alarmed a soldier. He raised his hand, motioning to his comrades, who were investigating the mountain, to find cover.

“Someone is here,” he said in a low voice. The rustling of leaves became increasingly louder.

Like a sprinting deer in the forest, Ye Jian rushed forward and bumped into the muzzle of a soldier’s gun.

Yesterday, around five o’clock in the morning, the soldiers found traces of people squatting in the mountain on their patrol. As of today, the searching continued. Just in case, the guns of these soldiers had been loaded and could fire away at any time!

And Ye Jian’s forehead had bumped into the loaded gun! Although Ye Jian wasn’t afraid, she had shocked the soldier carrying the gun.

“Girl!” Drenched in cold sweat out of shock, the soldier put away his gun quickly, perhaps because he had recognized that this girl, whose face was stained with dirt, was Ye Jian. “Go back quickly. Don’t come to play in the mountain these few days.”

The soldiers needed to remember the children from the villages contained in their patrolling areas. That was why they could recognize Ye Jian right away even with dirt on her face.

As he saw a muzzle-shaped, round print on Ye Jian’s forehead, the soldier wanted to laugh. But he thought it was inappropriate to laugh, so he lowered his head and took out a bottle of spray from his sanitary bag. “Spray it on your forehead. It’s reddened.”

Ye Jian was a bit dizzy due to the crash. Rather than taking the spray, she said to the soldier wearing battle uniforms. “There are three guys equipped with imported camera lenses. 500 meters upward from here. Their leader is called Brother Kun, and he’s been bitten by the Black Zaocys snake!”

Rubbing her injured forehead, Ye Jian rapped those words non-stop!

“You stay here and protect her. Everyone else, follow me.”

While rubbing her forehead, Ye Jian heard a calm, mellow, low-pitch voice of a man from below.

Ye Jian lowered her eyes subtly and looked downward.

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers answered in unison. Ye Jian saw an especially young man who was standing sideways from her. Young as he may be, there were three award medals—two bars and one star—on his collar.

He was very tall. Under the warm spring sun, his straight back made him seem like a towering, chilling and steady pine soaring into the sky.

Not a single creature in the forest could withstand such an intimidating vibe. As he slightly raised his hand, his formidable presence took Ye Jian’s breath away

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