Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 16 - She Feared Nothing

Chapter 16: She Feared Nothing

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Since the men were bound to see her, there was no need for Ye Jian to hide anymore. It was not helpful for her to stay still and not take action.

Ye Jian walked out from the back of the tree and glanced at the three men calmly. “You have disturbed the snake.” She stuck the branch under the snake and tilted it upward. The slithering black snake was thrown to the sky. As it dropped down, she raised her hand to grab the snake.

“Oh, sh*t! Oh, sh*t! Fu*k you!” The tall guy was scared by the snake. And then he saw this muddy-faced girl coming out from behind the tree and throwing the snake into the air deftly. When the girl grabbed the black snake gently, the snake that was at least 50 centimeters long started to wriggle in her hand.

As the snake’s heart was squeezed, its whole body started to wrap around Ye Jian’s arm lightly as if surrounding a branch.

“Black Zaocys snake. Extremely venomous. Lucky for you that you didn’t get bitten.” Ye Jian grabbed the snake’s head and extorted her strength skillfully to make it open its mouth, thus exposing its fangs hidden in its jaws. “Good fangs. Good venoms. It’s valuable because it can be used as traditional Chinese medicine.”

The three men were dumbstruck to witness such a scene. Damn it! Don’t the children in the mountain have toy snakes to play with? They are fu*cking playing with real snakes!

The tall guy was so shocked that he forgot to buckle his belt. Fu*k you! You scared the hell out of me!

Secretly, the leader of the gang moved his hand behind his waist and quietly put it back. After observing this girl, whose facial creatures had been obscured by dirt, with his gloomy eyes for a while, he squeezed his voice and asked, “Little girl, where are your parents?”

The movements of the man’s hand caused Ye Jian to subtly tighten her eyes. From her experience of working at a top-class security company, she could tell that this man had equipped a pistol behind him!

“Bitten by snakes. They couldn’t make it.” Ye Jian replied coldly while holding the snake in her hand. She remained calm and steered away from the leader, but the shortest guy blocked the way in front of her.

If she used this man as a human shield, she could be safer. In this case, she would be able to escape even if these men had guns.

Not only was she brave, but she had extraordinary composure.

The shortest guy, who was closest to Ye Jian, looked at his leader and understood what to do. He raised his hands and stopped Ye Jian from leaving. “Little girl…”

“You want it?” Ye Jian didn’t let the man finish his sentence. She stared at him steadily, and then swiftly, she put the venomous snake, whose mouth was open, under the man’s eyes. “You can have it. But since I am the one who caught it, you need to buy it from me.”

She was so quick that the short man shuddered in fear. He gasped, retreated several steps and yelled, “Damn it! You scared the hell out of me! Who the fu*k wants to buy it?!”

The path in the mountain was narrow. The short man knocked down his leader who was caught off guard.

As the leaves rustled, they both fell into the bush beside the path.

Accidentally, the pistol tied to the leader’s waist was revealed. As soon as she saw the gun, Ye Jian tightened her eyes, turned around swiftly and walked down the mountain.

Now that his fellows had fallen, the tallest guy, who was supposed to brace himself and block Ye Jian’s way, shouted, “Brother Kun!”

“Damn it!” Brother Kun seemed rather furious as the short guy fell on him and made him his cushion. While the short guy was getting up in panic, Brother Kun saw Ye Jian walking downwards. He shouted violently, “Stop her!”

A chill flashed across Ye Jian’s eyes. She turned around and threw the Black Zaocys snake in her hand to Brother Kun, who was about to get on his feet.

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