Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 165 - Inviolable Dignity

Chapter 165: Inviolable Dignity

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If Ye Jian could understand why the international police didn’t want the Chinese government to interfere with its arrangement, she had figured out the implication behind Xia Jinyuan’s words as well.

It was not easy to be from a country that was deemed weak. But it was also a motivation! Fortunately, China had always been motivating itself to become a strong country.

The feigned seriousness in Xia Jinyuan’s tone did not fool Ye Jian. She knew that, in a foreseeable future, the military power of China would intimidate the former great countries in the world.

Smiling slowly, she said, “I suppose you know much better than I do about the power of our country. If you have chosen to stay out of this operation, I should follow you because I am merely a student.”

“Girl, we will take part in the operation, but not now…” said Xia Jinyuan calmly, raising his eyebrows. At this moment, the indifferent countenance on his face made him even more unpredictable.

After a pause, he continued. “We will not take actions until the international police ask for our help. Wait and see, girl. We will not allow them to underestimate us.”

As a proud military man, he was also representing the dignity of the army of his country. If anyone looked down upon him, he would slap them in the face harshly!

“I very much look forward to that day,” said Ye Jian, smiling. With a clear and resplendent look in her eyes, she gazed at the proud man in the dark. “I hope I can be a witness to that scenario, Captain Xia.”

Her words made Xia Jinyuan smile merrily. He stood up from the lounge chair. His slender figure was as sharp and fierce as a sword. “Rest assured, girl. You will grow as time goes by and as you go through more and more trials.”

He looked forward to her growth. And in this process, he would try his best to lay the most solid foundation for her.

The party downstairs didn’t end until ten in the evening. The students would probably continue partying if the teachers had not told them to stop.

Ye Jian didn’t return to the party. Using studying the exam paper as an excuse, she stayed in her room alone to contemplate Xia Jinyuan’s words, which were very inspiring for her. “Decent people should act wisely and prove themselves through their strengths,” said Xia Jinyuan.

“The contest is comprised of three sessions: a team competition, a theory test, and a vying test. Each session lasts five hours from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, so the contest will be held in three days in total.”

TThe next morning, before a large number of students could sober up from the party last night, they had begun to prepare for the competition tomorrow.

Director Li didn’t waste time lecturing them. Since the students had played and slept yesterday, none of them should have an easy day today.

As she waved her hands intimidatingly, the students realized that it was impossible for them to relax in the afternoon.

Time flew as all the students were were devoted to studying.

“Go to bed at nine tonight. Hand in one of your room keys. We will go to your rooms to see if you have gone to bed by then!” When they went downstairs to have dinner at 5:30, Director Li adopted another strategy. By confiscating the room keys of the students, the teachers could check on them at night.

In China, it was normal for teachers to check on students in their dormitories!

However, when the Chinese students told this issue to the students of other countries last night, they were unbelievably shocked.

What they couldn’t accept was that the teachers disregarded the privacy of their students. Without knocking the doors or the permission of the students, the teachers entered their rooms.

The Chinese students handed in their room keys obediently. Led by the four teachers, they went to have dinner in the cafeteria.

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