Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 164 - Shush and Be Quiet

Chapter 164: Shush and Be Quiet

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As Ye Jian woke up, she heard someone knocking the door. She opened the door and saw a good-looking boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Holding two glasses of iced cola, he said, “Hi, I am Auburn, nice to meet you.”

It seemed that the boy was 178cm tall, which was an average height. His smile was as warm and sweet as a marshmallow. “We will throw a pool party tonight. Hope you and your friends can join us.”

Ye Jian thought it would be very rude to turn down the invitation from such an angelically handsome boy!

As it turned out, none of the students could withstand the temptations of the party.

Jingling their crystal goblets which were filled with champagne, the boys and girls were talking merrily with one another by the colorful pool. Ye Jian didn’t see any nervous expression on their faces. They felt relaxed as if they were having a vacation.

Standing in the dark, Ye Jian took a small sip of the champagne while looking out for Red Scorpion. When a familiar low-pitched voice came from her earpieces, she walked over to Wang Mo, telling him that she would go back to her room. With a calm look on her face, she left.

As she opened the door to her room, she smelled the light mint scent which she was familiar with.

Gently, Ye Jian closed and bolted the door. In the dim room, she saw someone sitting on the couch as if he were a predator lurking in the dark, waiting for its prey.

Ye Jian didn’t turn on the lights. She sat down on another chair and asked, “That waiter is dead, right?”

Because she knew who the person in the room was, she brought up this topic directly.

“Yes, he was killed around 2:10 in the afternoon. His body is hidden in a utility room of the hotel,” said Xia Jinyuan lightly. His tone sounded a bit sharp and ferocious. “Red Scorpion and his companions have begun to act. They will finish their first deal very soon.”

“Since the Chinese target has not shown up, we will not take any action for the moment,” said Xia Jinyuan. He shot Ye Jian a cold and stern glance. “The two foreign criminal suspects are the targets of the international police, which has nothing to do with us. Ye Jian, you know what I mean, don’t you?”

The conversations between them were always encrypted. Even if some people tried very hard to decrypt their words, they might not understand what they said.

But the two of them could understand each other after having built a good rapport.

Ye Jian paused for a short while before she said calmly, “I see. We just need to do our job and not to interfere with the international police.”

“Girl, just keep it to yourself,” said Xia Jinyuan with a wry smile on his handsome face. It was hard for him to speak out this kind of thing honestly. “Some countries believe that our country is still a bit weak.”

In 1995, China was developing vigorously in every field, including the national economy and military power.

Ye Jian had lived through this period of time once. She was aware of what her country would be like in the future. As for Xia Jinyuan, he was a military man who came from a powerful military family. Naturally, he had acquired much information.

According to some developed countries, the “weak” China should not be meddling too much in this operation.

In this regard, as always, China remained low key without saying too much.

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