Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 166 - Facing Danger Fearlessly

Chapter 166: Facing Danger Fearlessly

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As the 12 Chinese students walked out from the room, they saw the Vietnamese students walking out from theirs as well. It seems that they were also heading to the cafeteria for dinner.

The Vietnamese students were ahead of the Chinese students. When the Vietnamese entered the elevator, the Chinese students were standing in front of it.

The students of the two countries glared at one another. Although they could not argue using their mouths, they could shoot hostile glances at each other!

Too bad the confrontation didn’t last very long. Ye Jian looked at the face of Red Scorpion before the elevator door closed slowly a few seconds later.

The look in Red Scorpion’s eyes was as ferocious as the fang of a viper. As he glanced at the Chinese students from the inside of the elevator, the students standing in the front couldn’t help but blink in fear.

“Ye Jian, Yang Ye, you are going to switch room with Mrs. Yu and I tonight,” said Director Li when the elevator door was closed. “Let’s do that after dinner.”

The extremely violent look in the Vietnamese teacher’s eyes made Director Li tremble. He seemed like a murderer rather than a teacher.

As an experienced teacher and a dean of studies in school, Director Li had piercing eyes which could see through a person.

Ye Jian didn’t answer right away. Since the room was specially arranged for her, she should not switch to another room, but Yang Ye should.

Ye Jian was alone in her room at night. She was used to her bed in this room and sleeping on her own. She could not switch to another room because she didn’t want such a change to affect the contest tomorrow.

Director Li had to grant the request of Ye Jian, who was the principal candidate in the contest.

It wasn’t difficult for Ye Jian to go to bed at nine. However, every time she closed her eyes, she would think about Red Scorpion and the ferocious look in his eyes.

Ye Jian had the feeling that something might happen tonight. And then she fell asleep without thinking anything.

Around one o’clock in the early morning, Ye Jian woke up suddenly. She opened her eyes. In the darkness, a cold ray flashed across her eyes. Softly, she closed her eyes again.

The door of her room was opened quietly. The lights of the corridor reflected into the room but then vanished as the door closed. Someone had tiptoed into her room.

The person did not go to her bedside. Instead, he gently pushed open the door to the bathroom and stayed inside for about two minutes. Later, he closed the door and exited. Everything happened so fast that it merely seemed like a nightmare.

Ye Jian did not get up right away. Bravely, she kept lying in her bed. She didn’t reach out to turn on the lamp by her bed until at least one hour later.

Everything seemed normal in the bathroom. Ye Jian closed the toilet lid, placed a towel on it, and stood atop of it.

Carefully, she removed one after another grid of the suspended ceiling… Hands rested on the crossbeam, she leaped up gently. The strength in her arms was enough to bolster up her whole body.

In the dim light, Ye Jian saw a black suitcase lying very close to her.

After staring at it for a while, Ye Jian subtly curled her lips. The opportunity to attract Red Scorpion’s attention and to make him move about under her eyes was already in front of her.

“Captain Xia, do you believe me if I say someone entered my room and left a black bag in my bathroom just now?”

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