Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 150 - Concern for You

Chapter 150: Concern for You

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Xia Jinyuan glanced at the boy and said to Han Zheng, “You guys go to the creek first, Ye Jian and I will be there later.”

Han Zheng made the ‘okay’ gesture with his hand. And then, he forced Gao Yiyang to go with him, without giving the boy any chance to escape.

Ye Jian had no intention of finding Ye Ying. In her opinion, Ye Ying’s disappearance was nothing more than a trick orchestrated by herself.

But the teachers did not think so. They decided that if Ye Ying could not be found within three hours, they would call the police.

“I will go to the creek. You guys can search other places.” Ye Jian had to help find Ye Ying, even though she didn’t want to! If anyone called the police, every student would be taken into the police station for a query. And she would be the key interviewee!

If she was listed as the key interviewee, it would be very likely that she could not go to Australia to participate in the contest.

Obviously, Ye Ying’s disappearance would jeopardize Ye Jian!

With a cold look on her face, Ye Jian turned around, walking to the outskirts of the fruit forest. She should ask the operator of the farm village about the surrounding landscapes rather than search recklessly.

If Ye Ying was upset, she would distress everyone, and she would enjoy doing so. Hence, it was impossible for her to go to a far place.

Ye Jian looked forward to hearing Ye Ying’s explanation to the teachers when she was found.

Not long after she left the students, Ye Jian stopped walking. She saw someone leaning against a peach tree, looking at her while smiling.

“So many things have happened during this trip. You should stay away from her, girl,” said Xia Jinyuan, motioning at Ye Jian to come over. “I don’t trust her. A series of mishaps have happened within 24 hours.”

Smiling, Ye Jian raised her eyebrows and asked, “What? Do you think that she disappeared on purpose?”

“Haven’t you already known whether she went missing intentionally or not?” said Xia Jinyuan. His smile was gentle and warm like the sunlight in a misty morning. “Go on, find her in one hour and let your teachers discipline her.”

Finding Ye Ying in one hour might be impossible for other people, but it was not difficult for Ye Jian.

After gaining thorough information from the village farm owner, she said to Xia Jinyuan in a cold tone, “I can find her on my own. No need to bother you or your friend.” It sounded like she had known the answer.

“Have you already known where she is? What’s your analysis?” asked Xia Jinyuan, who seemed somewhat surprised. With great interest, he asked Ye Jian, “Only ten minutes have passed. You have enough time.”

At this moment, the sunlight had dispersed the mist. Ye Jian was walking on a path which led to the mountain. As she turned around, there was a sharp and cold look in her eyes. Calmly, she said, “No need to analyze. It’s because I know her as well as I know myself.”

As the saying goes, the only way to win a war is to try to know your enemy completely.

Xia Jinyuan smiled. He said emotionlessly, “Have you thought about driving your sister out of school?”

“Why? Ye Ying has been trying to prove that she is better than me in every aspect, but she has been failing constantly. I would be bored if she leaves,” she said in a low voice.

Her words were full of the mischievousness of a little girl.

It was evident that she hated Ye Ying. But unlike Ye Ying, she disdained to play immoral and despicable dirty tricks.

What she liked to do was to keep improving herself so that Ye Ying would have to live in her shadow forever… In this way, she could torture Ye Ying physically and mentally!

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