Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 151 - Holding Grudges

Chapter 151: Holding Grudges

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“No worries, Captain Xia, I can go there on my own.” Once again, Ye Jian turned down Xia Jinyuan who offered to go with her, because she hoped to handle the feud with Ye Ying by herself!

Since that was her desire, Xia Jinyuan stopped pushing her.

After gazing at her quietly for a while, Xia Jinyuan smiled and said, “All right, I will be in my room if you need me.” As Ye Jian turned around, Xia Jinyuan looked at her slender and firm figure. “Take care of yourself. Don’t forget that you have missions to complete, ” he said softly.

Ye Jian halted her steps without looking back. She nodded, indicating that she understood what he meant.

As she climbed the mountain via the path, she saw a booth, in which the climbers could rest. To the left of the booth, there was a Mountain God Temple and only the locals knew about it.

On her way, Ye Jian saw small branches that were snapped recently. The grass on the roadsides was bent, which showed the trace that someone had walked this way. She sneered, walking towards the Mountain God Temple.

Hiding among the branches and leaves behind her, a figure in army green clothes didn’t leave right away. His brows furrowed, and there was a look of confusion in his eyes.

Something was wrong with the girl just now… As Xia Jinyuan heard students talking from not far away, without hesitation, he turned around and strode off to the source of the talking sounds.

The so-called Mountain God Temple was nothing more than a natural small cave which could only shelter three people at most.

The cave must have been serving as a temple for quite some time because its walls were pitch-black due to the smoke of the incenses.

It took Ye Jian 20 minutes to reach the Mountain God Temple because she walked very slowly. But as she arrived, she didn’t enter it immediately. She saw Ye Ying stick her head out of the Mountain God Temple to peep at the road from time to time. A look which was sharp-as-a-sword appeared in Ye Jian’s black eyes.

In the forest, the birds were chirping merrily on the branches. No one was here in this quiet environment, except Ye Ying and her.

Ye Jian smiled silently. It was the perfect timing for her to finish off Ye Ying once and for all, wasn’t it?

A murderous look started to appear in her eyes… Who would know if she did kill Ye Ying?

Her right hand was grabbing her left wrist, where there was a string of silver wire which seemed like a bracelet. Hiding behind the leaves, Ye Jian had an intense feeling to murder. As soon as she took a step forward, a pair of warm and powerful hands grasped her shoulders.

“No rush. Wait a bit longer.” At some point, Xia Jinyuan had appeared. There was a mysterious look in his profoundly dark eyes. He grabbed Ye Jian, preventing her from walking out.

He had controlled the strength in his hands very well. It seemed like he was just telling her to bide her time.

It was not until this moment that Xia Jinyuan sensed that Ye Jian had an intense desire to kill.

What bewildered him was that why would a 14-year-old girl want to kill her peer so much?!

When Ye Jian was touching the silver wire on her wrist, Xia Jinyuan tightened his eyes and made the branches rustle intentionally. However, the rustling sounds didn’t alarm her. In the end, he had to show up to stop her.

The instant that Xia Jinyuan grabbed her shoulders, Ye Jian closed her eyes gently. A few seconds later, she concealed her intention to murder.

Of course, it was impossible to kill Ye Ying here because there were too many witnesses and evidence… She would destroy herself if she murdered Ye Ying.

With composure, Ye Jian turned around to look at the handsome man who had a stern look. With a wry smile, she said, “What? Do you really think I would do something perilous to myself? Impossible. I was just holding grudges for a moment, that’s all.”

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