Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 149 - You Can Frighten No One

Chapter 149: You Can Frighten No One

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“If he did find these bottles by the creek, it was evident that Ye Ying and I met in private last night,” said Ye Jian in a calm voice. “It’s normal for Gao Yiyang to make this speculation.”

Pointing at the mineral water bottles in his hands, she said, “One of the bottles was supposed to be in my possession, while the other should be in Ye Ying’s hands. Now that they were both found by the creek, it is reasonable for people to assume that both Ye Ying and I went to the creek in the middle of the night. After all, she and I almost had an accident last night.”

Someone had orchestrated an easy trick. In this case, Ye Jian wouldn’t be able to explain this matter.

Although there were two girls who could prove that Ye Jian was in the same room with them last night, they could not tell if she was still with them after they fell asleep.

“She was up all night, and she is missing now,” said Gao Yiyang with a straight face. “Ye Jian, what have you…”

“She was up all night? Did you see that personally?” Ye Jian smiled brightly. “Two things you need to understand. First, the fact that the two bottles were together didn’t mean that I was with her because you didn’t see us together. Second, you can’t be sure whether she was up all night, because you weren’t there.”

“Likewise, my roommates cannot confirm whether I went out after they fell asleep! Since you did not witness it with your eyes, everything you accuse me of doing is invalid!”

The students present were wise enough to understand Ye Jian’s words. She had stated clearly that she did not necessarily meet with Ye Ying, despite the fact that their bottles were placed together.

Nevertheless, Ye Jian did not have the evidence to prove that she was not with Ye Ying. Hence, it was reasonable for Gao Yiyang to assume that Ye Ying and Ye Jian met by the creek last night.

Similarly, Gao Yiyang could not confirm that Ye Ying was up all night in her room!

The principle was the same. There were no witnesses.

The teachers were under great pressure to stay with this group of highly intelligent students. Regarding this matter, the teachers and the students were on the same page.

Ye Jian found a few strands of black hair at the head of the bed. She walked over to Director Li and Mrs. Zhu. “These are Ye Ying’s hair. They can at least prove that she laid in the bed.”

“As for why she tidied up the room, we won’t know until we find her.”

The implication in Ye Jian’s words was that, although Ye Ying had slept in the bed, she wanted to make everyone believe that she hadn’t. The countenances of the teachers and students changed as they realized what Ye Jian meant.

Gao Yiyang gritted his teeth so hard that his cheeks were swollen. Staring at Ye Jian, he said, “Sorry, I was just anxious.” And then, he turned around, walking downstairs.

Compared to the two military men walking past him, Gao Yiyang seemed a bit innocent and his slender figure was a bit thin.

“Boy, why are you walking in such a hurry? Come, talk with us,” said Han Zheng. As they were walking past each other, Han Zheng placed his hand onto Gao Yiyang’s shoulder to stop him with undeniable power.

“We will go together later. You need to take us to the creek,” he said, smiling. Wearing the military uniform which had concealed his casual and wild charm, he seemed very formidable.

Gao Yiyang wanted to struggle. As he calmed down, he saw Xia Jinyuan beside that man. He was a bit bewildered. Wasn’t he the young Major that Ye Jian knew?

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