Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 148 - Disappearance

Chapter 148: Disappearance

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No one in this world understood Ye Ying better than Ye Jian did!

As it turned out, Ye Jian’s speculation was correct.

The students, who were playing poker cards, didn’t return to their dormitories until over ten o’clock in the evening. It was at that point that they saw the angry Gao Yiyang smash the door of Ye Ying’s room and head back to his room.

The door of Ye Ying’s room wasn’t closed completely. Her low whimpering was heard from inside.

Ye Jian, who was about to get in bed to sleep, smiled without expressing any opinion about this issue.

It would be a rough day for Gao Yiyang tomorrow.

If Ye Ying was upset, she had the ability to distress everyone. That’s what she is!

Suddenly, Ye Jian opened her eyes and said to the Beijing girl lying in the single bed next to her, “Do you know the girl in the same room with Ye Ying? Should we invite her over to sleep in our room?”

Others should not be victimized if Ye Ying was about to make a scene.

The Beijing girl thought this was a good idea. “How come I have never thought of that? If we place our beds together, the three of us can sleep together on them, right?” She got up from the bed, put on her shoes and walked outside. “We will move the beds together when I come back!”

Smiling, Ye Jian promised her. However, when the two Beijing girls entered the room, she had moved the beds on her own.

The three of them kept chatting and did not fall asleep until one o’clock in the morning.

In the early morning, Ye Jian went out running. When she came back, she saw Mrs. Zhu and several other teachers of the Capital No.1 Experiment Middle School standing in the corridor of the lodge. They looked rather stern. Breathlessly, a student ran this way from the fruit forest and said, “We’ve searched everywhere. We don’t see her.”

With a cold look in her eyes, Ye Jian walked over to the teachers hurriedly. At the sight of her, Mrs. Zhu asked in an urgent tone, “Ye Jian, have you seen Ye Ying?”

Ye Ying was supposed to be in the farm village. But she had disappeared!

Just like Ye Jian had put it, if Ye Ying was upset, she would find a way to distress everyone.

None of the items in her room had been used. The bed sheet and quilts were tidy without any wrinkles as if no one had slept in the bed.

Neither the disposable slippers nor the items in the bathroom had been used. It seemed like no one had ever been in this room.

Ye Jian stood silently, staring at the pillow which had been placed well.

With beads of sweat on both his temples, Gao Yiyang dashed onto the second floor intimidatingly, ignoring the teachers’ yelling.

Realizing that something was wrong with him, Mrs. Zhu followed him. “Ye Jian is upstairs,” said somebody. For no reason, all the students’ hearts palpitated, and they followed Gao Yiyang to go upstairs.

Ye Jian was standing beside Ye Ying’s single bed and removing the pillow when she heard the movements outside. With a cold look on his face, Gao Yiyang entered the room and questioned her, “She went to see you last night, didn’t she?!”

“Aren’t you the last person who saw her last night, Gao Yiyang?” said Ye Jian. Her eyes had a cold look due to his question. As she removed the pillow, she gently fumbled around the bed.

With a frosty look in his eyes, Gao Yiyang approached Ye Jian and put water bottles in front of her. “I found two bottles by the creek. One was yours, and Ye Ying drank the water from the other one!”

“By the time I left last night, Ye Ying had not finished the water in her bottle! And you had not drunk up your water on the dining table as well!”

Several students had entered the room after him. Discontentedly, they said, “Hello! What’s wrong with you? What can the two bottles that you found by the creek prove?”

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