Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 147 - Playing Tricks Again

Chapter 147: Playing Tricks Again

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Xia Jinyuan and Ye Jian looked each other in the eye. Xia Jinyuan placed his right hand on the corner of his forehead and then waved it outwards elegantly. “Good night, little fox,” he said.

“Good night,” said Ye Jian, lowering her eyes to look at his handsome face. Her smile was as free and unrestrained as a breeze. She didn’t sit in the wicker chair to enjoy the starry night until he walked into the building.

At this moment, her mind was calm and peaceful, while Ye Ying’s mind was messy as if being ravaged by a hurricane.

With tears in her eyes, Ye Ying stared at Gao Yiyang. Restraining the hatred in her heart, she questioned him in a hoarse voice. “So, do you also think that I did it intentionally?”

“What other people think does not count, Ye Ying,” said Gao Yiyang. Holding the ointment brought by the attendant, he applied it onto the back of her foot and her shank, which were covered with red rashes. “You may ask yourself whether you were intentional or not.”

Hearing this, Ye Ying laughed furiously “Why should I ask myself? It is me who is injured, not Ye Jian! Look carefully, Gao Yiyang! I am injured! Would I hurt myself if I did that on purpose?”

Damn it! Why was everyone suspecting her?! When the teachers were questioning her, even the boy that she liked remained silent without standing up for her.

“I see. You think this is my trick of winning the sympathy of others by hurting myself, don’t you? Ha-ha, Gao Yiyang, I thought you understood me. But you do not!” Ye Ying laughed in a self-mocking way with a pitying look on her beautiful face. “You have changed! All of you!”

Previously, everyone trusted her. But now, they only believed in Ye Jian!

Even when she was injured, they’d rather believe that Ye Jian was innocent while she was the one with malicious motives!

All of them had changed! She had been trying very hard, but why did she lose to Ye Jian anyway?! This was so unfair!

Lips tightening, Gao Yiyang glanced at Ye Ying, who had a bigoted look in her eyes. He gently put down her legs that were placed on his knees. A while later, he sighed. “It’s not that we have changed, Ye Ying. It’s because you have not recognized the fact.”

“The old Ye Jian is gone. She doesn’t obey you anymore, so you started to worry,” said Gao Yiyang, sitting in a chair. With a calm look in his eyes, he watched the tearful girl. “You are afraid that Ye Jian will outshine you.”

“You start to worry that one day, everyone will believe that Ye Jian is more capable and that she has a more promising future than you. So, you panicked, trying to prove that you are better than Ye Jian in every aspect.”

He, after all, did understand Ye Ying. Every word he said was to-the-point, revealing the darkest side from the bottom of Ye Ying’s heart, which made her flustered in an instant.

Facing the bare fact, Ye Ying trembled furiously all over. “Nonsense! Nonsense! Why would I worry? I have always been better than her! Shut up! Say no more!”

This future of hers would be more troubled if she did not recognize the fact sooner!

Gao Yiyang shot her a meaningful glance. He stood up and closed the slightly ajar door of the room. Outside the room, several eavesdropping girls were caught red-handed. Embarrassed, they left.

Soon, Ye Jian heard this matter. Sneering, she said, “How unexpected that Gao Yiyang is a rational person. I didn’t realize that before.”

Nevertheless, she didn’t believe that he could persuade Ye Ying to be sensible.

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