Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 146 - He is not A Pedophile

Chapter 146: He is not A Pedophile

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“All right, I will come over if you need me for anything,” said Ye Jian, bowing slightly. There was no trace of panic on her face. “Sorry to make you worry, teachers.”

Mrs. Zhu and the teachers of several schools comforted Ye Jian before heading to the room to visit Ye Ying.

Ye Jian thanked them one after another, and then looked at the bamboo curtains, behind which someone was moving.

If she was correct, she saw two figures in army-green clothes rush out from the bamboo curtains. One of them was somebody she knew. It was Xia Jinyuan.

“I bet she has found us,” said Han Zheng, lifting his hand to cover his face behind the bamboo curtains. “She has been looking at our way several times. Master Xia, your secret protection plan has failed.”

Xia Jinyuan had started to enjoy his meal slowly. As he smiled at his friend’s words, his natural good-looking face became as elegant and brilliant as a blooming rose. “But she won’t reach out to me. So, it doesn’t matter if she has found out.”

After hearing this, Han Zheng sensed that something was wrong.

But he wasn’t sure what went wrong… That girl didn’t want to see the notable Master Xia, did she? That was why Master Xia protected her in secret?

“Control your expression. Do you have to be so shocked?” said Xia Jinyuan, knocking the table twice with his slender fingers. With composure, Xia Jinyuan let his childhood friend realize that Ye Jian didn’t like him. “That’s why I say this girl is intriguing.”

So far, no one had given him a cold shoulder, except for this girl. And no one had aroused his interest so much as this girl had. He would like to see to what extent she would intrigue him. And he was hoping to aid her, whenever she needed help.

Han Zheng’s mouth was open in shock. Then, he closed his mouth. With a stern look on his face, he stuffed some vegetables into his mouth. “Brother, don’t blame me for saying this. But you might become obsessive if you go on. What does the girl know? You must not do anything stupid.”

Holy cow! He was truly concerned for his friend!

No one would worry about Han Zheng getting obsessive if he were to have a crush on a girl. Because he was a playboy. He would not dwell on one flower.

But Master Xia was different… He came from a family that was loyal in love!

As Han Zheng put it, the men of the Xia family, from Grandpa Xia to Commander Xia, were exceptionally good! Whoever married a man of the Xia family would lead a happy life!

What if that girl really didn’t care about Master Xia but he took her by force? It bothered Han Zheng so much by thinking of this scenario!

Xia Jinyuan chose to ignore his childhood friend who was immersed in his own imagination. Up to something bad? Tut. If he were to do bad things, the capable girl would have placed that silver wire, which was wrapped on her wrist, onto his neck.

Besides, she was only 14. He did not have such an eccentric hobby as pedophilia.

Ye Jian wasn’t sleeping. She was sitting on the balcony. She smiled gently as she saw Xia Jinyuan and a man with wild charms appear beneath the lodge of the village farm.

Xia Jinyuan arrived beneath the lodge by walking on the pebbled path in the fruit forest. As if sensing something, he stopped walking and looked up at the balcony. Suddenly, Ye Jian had the illusion of time-traveling by looking at his exquisite face under the shadow of the yellow lamp.

The man immersed in the lamp’s shadow was the most notable person in the imperial city in ancient times. He had good-looking brows, and the look in his eyes was as profound and extensive as the sky. The faint smile on the corners of his thin lips was naturally elegant and pure like an orchid.

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