Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 145 - A Target for Everyone

Chapter 145: A Target for Everyone

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Ye Ying was the creator of the catastrophe, but she ended up being the victim. This drastic identify shift made her grit her teeth angrily, so much so that her facial features were twisted… How did Ye Jian avoid the calamity?!

All the students in the restaurant stood up. It was not until this moment that both the students and teachers realized a series of accidents had happened.

The two people preparing to rush out from the bamboo curtains retreated in secret. Seated in his chair, Han Zheng said with surprise. “Very fast reactions. Has she received training?”

“She has. Not bad, right?” Xia Jinyuan poured a cup of tea for himself. As he lowered his head to sip the tea, he hid the cold look in his dark eyes. That bowl of hot soup would have spilled on Ye Jian if she was not alert.

Ye Ying was indeed very vicious!

Han Zheng slightly squinted his slim and upward eyes. A while later he nodded. “Not bad indeed.”

“Are you all right?” The girl sitting next to Ye Jian was so scared that her face turned pale. Mouth trembling, she asked Ye Jian, “Did it scald you? Show me, quickly!”

She was so frightened that she was speaking in a tearful tone.

Another hot-tempered girl stood up and yelled furiously at Ye Ying, the troublemaker who was squatting on the floor. “What is wrong with you?! The attendant had warned us the hot soup was being served. Are you an idiot?! Don’t you know that this bowl of soup almost poured onto Ye Jian?!”

The girl was a blunt Beijinger. However, due to her straightforward tone, Ye Ying cried for she had scalded herself.

Tightening his lips, Gao Yiyang walked over from another table and glanced at the furious Beijing girl. He squatted and whispered to Ye Ying, who issued a shrilling scream before, “Did it burn you? Where?”

He was the only one who expressed his concern for Ye Ying who was squatting on the floor. Frowning, the rest of the students looked at them.

“It’s your fault that you scalded yourself, but do not injure others!” At the sight of this, the Beijing girl stopped addressing her. And then she asked Ye Jian, “Should we go back to our room and rest? We will get up early to play tomorrow morning.”

Ye Jian smiled at the girl. She bent over to pick up the chair which was knocked over. Step by step, she walked over to Ye Ying, who was pretending to be a victim by squatting on the ground. She hunched over slowly.

“He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. Ye Ying, you should feel lucky that it was only a bowl of hot soup that you knocked over. If…” Glared at by Gao Yiyang, Ye Jian approached Ye Ying’s ear. Her breaths were icy, and her words were piercing like the tips of needles. “If it was a knife or the like, one of your legs would have been ruined.”

“You are trying to hurt me because you don’t want me in the science contest, aren’t you? Tut. A bowl of hot soup is nothing. I am waiting for your ultimate trick, Ye Ying.”

Her voice was so low that only the two of them could hear it. Her sharp words frightened Ye Ying so much that her heart palpitated in horror.

Ye Ying hid her head in her arms. Her fingernails sunk so hard into her arms that they twinged. Whimpering, she suffered the pain without looking up.

Gao Yiyang did not accuse Ye Jian of anything. Instead, he said in a low voice, “Return to your room and soak your legs in clean water, otherwise you will have blisters.” And then, he held up Ye Ying, heading to the lodge.

“Attendants, fetch a flask of ointment for scalded wounds.” Mrs. Zhu walked over from the table for teachers. Instead of chasing after Gao Yiyang, she walked towards Ye Jian and patted on her shoulder. “Go back to your room and rest. Let me take care of the matter here.”

How unfortunate that such an accident occurred during the feast. She should go check up on Ye Ying’s scalded wound.

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