Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 144 - He Who Bites Others Gets Bitten Himself

Chapter 144: He Who Bites Others Gets Bitten Himself

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“Unlike you, I have discussed with Commander Xia before I enrolled in the military school that I would register for that team after practicing in a primary military unit for a year. Han Zheng, you are not tough enough.”

And then, he turned around, walking into the room. Bewildered, Han Zheng couldn’t figure out what he meant for a long time.

“Brother Xia, Master Xia, you have to teach me what to do,” said Han Zheng. As a breeze from the mountain stroked his face, he became sober instantly. He stood up, chasing after his friend. “Can you teach your brother a trick before going to see your young bride?”

Xia Jinyuan’s slow and calm voice was heard from outside the room. “Young bride? I don’t have the guts to do that. I am just protecting the girl. Come, Han Zheng, behave yourself if you want my instructions.”

He wasn’t bold enough to treat that little fox as his young bride.

The girl was an informant, providing information regarding the students. Not only had he applied for the protection from the INTERPOL for her, but he had also applied to protect her personally.

Currently, protecting her at home and abroad was his major mission.

During dinner time, the restaurant of the farm village was brimming with the delicious fragrance of the cuisines. The local students showed their hospitality by introducing every cuisine.

Sitting in a room, Xia Jinyuan looked at Ye Jian through the bamboo curtains from time to time. While Ye Jian was using beverages to toast with the other students, Xia Jinyuan ate a few of the dishes.

“You are protecting her, aren’t you? But why don’t you want her to know?” Han Zheng didn’t eat the cuisines on the table either. Just like his friend, he stared at that girl who had frightened him with a look. Through the bamboo curtains, he could see her appearance more clearly at a close range. He said, “She is quite good-looking. You see…”

Before he could finish his words, Han Zheng saw a long-haired girl behind that girl smiling and standing up while a service staff was serving hot soup.

Somehow, as the long-haired girl walked forward, she fell upon that attendant who was serving hot soup.

“Watch out!” yelled Han Zheng, who had realized that something was wrong.

Caught off guard, the attendant collided with the long-haired girl. The hot soup spilled from the bowl, burning the attendant’s hands, while the bowl flew towards the back of the girl sitting on another table.

Although the attendant was behind Ye Jian, it seemed that she had been ready for this accident. While someone was yelling behind the bamboo curtains, Ye Jian moved sideways and stood up. Meanwhile, she used her slender hands to grab the back of her chair. As Ye Ying looked at her gloatingly, she deftly lifted the chair to block the bowl…

This catastrophe was supposed to befall Ye Jian. As the chair blocked the bowl, in the blink of an eye, the large bowl collided with the chair.

The attendant screamed in horror. Bang! Clang! The bowl shattered into pieces.

This scenario happened so fast that before Ye Ying, who was grinning maliciously, could put up her guard, a bowl of hot soup had poured onto her legs.

“Ah!” she screamed at that very moment. As her pupils shrank, she saw Ye Jian mocking her, as if telling her that she was already aware of what she was up to.

Not all of the soup poured onto her legs. Due to Ye Jian’s sneer, Ye Ying hunched over, squatting on the ground while crying in pain.

Ye Ying was the creator of the catastrophe, but she ended up being the victim. This drastic identify shift made her grit her teeth angrily, so much so that her facial features were twisted… How did Ye Jian avoid the calamity?!

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