Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 143 - His Goal

Chapter 143: His Goal

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The students got more excited after hearing what the teacher said.

But they didn’t realize that Ye Ying, holding two bottles of spring water, was standing not far away. Face twisted, she was glaring at them.

Soon, she replaced the gloomy look on her face with a smile. “You have not forgotten me, have you?” She walked over and handed the water to Gao Yiyang. “Have some water. I heard that your voice was a bit hoarse.”

“Oh…” The students seemed to have understood something, winking at Gao Yiyang with a mix of emotions in their eyes.

At the sight of this, the teachers shook their heads helplessly and discussed about puppy love among students.

This time, Ye Jian really appreciated that Ye Ying showed up in time.

While the rest of the students were laughing, Ye Jian and the other two girls left.

After walking two steps, she turned around and looked at that small building. A glint flickered in her eyes. Since the girls urged her to leave, she turned around, heading to the creek.

“That girl has sharp eyes. I was so scared that my heart missed a beat,” said Han Zheng, patting his chest with one hand while holding a telescope in the other. Hiding under the railings, he seemed dumbstruck. “She doesn’t look like a teenage girl. Where did you find your young bride?”

There must be numerous women from notable families in the capital city who admired Major Xia. Nevertheless, as it turned out, he preferred this girl!

This news was f**king sensational!

As his childhood friend was frightened by the girl’s glance, Xia Jinyuan ridiculed him. “Nice reaction. You weren’t diligent in school. It seems like the army is a better option for you because you have acted more swiftly.” Han Zheng had not graduated from the military school. Starting this year, he had been transferred to the primary units of the army frequently.

“I can’t let the girl find me, can I? I don’t care about my image in front of you. I just need to look good in front of the students later.”

Swiftly, Han Zheng stood up and placed the telescope on the table. As he sat down, the look on his face became a bit stern. “Are you really planning to enter that team? Has Commander Xia agreed to this?”

With the stern look on his face, Han Zheng didn’t seem wild and reckless anymore. Instead, both his countenance and posture contained the fierceness of a military man. “When I came home two days ago, I mentioned this matter to my father. He almost beat me with his belt. It seems like my father is the obstacle for me if I want to enter that team.”

“Where there’s a will there is a way. But it is normal that Uncle Han doesn’t approve of you coming with me,” said Xia Jinyuan, smiling and drinking his beer. Then, his deep and chilly tone made his words sound more intimidating. “Han Zheng, you are still a student, how dare you go to the KTV?!”

Despite his low-pitched tone, his words were alarming like thunder.

Han Zheng, tensed all over, explained, “Yes, I went to the KTV. But I didn’t drink or play any games at all! Damn it, it was Wu Yunzhe who set me up. And I fell into his trap accidentally!”

“Forget it. Let’s not talk about this issue today. That team is the reason I wanted to enroll in military school. I don’t care if my father agrees or not.” said Han Zheng with a wolf-like, violent-look in his slim eyes. As if realizing something, he said, “Has Commander Xia agreed that you can go? How can he approve so easily?”

That was an extremely dangerous team. And Commander Xia consented!

As the sky became dark, there were no laughter or talking sounds of the students in the fruit forest. Xia Jinyuan stood up slowly, looking down at his childhood friend who seemed shocked. “You study in the military school with the goal of entering that team. That is my goal as well.”

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