Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 142 - Major Xia is Jealous

Chapter 142: Major Xia is Jealous

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Xia Jinyuan nodded with satisfaction. Suddenly, it seemed like Ye Jian was looking at him… He stepped back swiftly, planning to sit in the wicker chair again.

After retreating two steps, Xia Jinyuan turned around and stared at the man who was moving the wicker chair away to make him fall. Raising his eyebrows, he sneered. “Han Zheng, you are too old to play this kind of childish game.”

The 20-year-old Han Zheng was a lieutenant in the army. Just like Xia Jinyuan, he was also the grandchild of a personnel from the Red Army.

They were childhood friends who grew up in the same courtyard. They were so close that they knew the details down to the puberty of each other.

Hearing this, Han Zheng also raised his eyebrows wildly. “Ha, compared to your behavior just now, mine was not childish at all.”

He was standing and holding a can of beer which had not been opened yet. One could sense that he was wild and reckless. “But I wonder… which one of these students is the one you are interested in?”

He didn’t name the gender of the student. In this way, he had set up a trap for his childhood friend.

It’s improper for a boy and a girl to touch each other! Since when had Master Xia cared about these things? This was rather intriguing!

Xia Jinyuan rolled his eyes at his childhood friend, who was just like a walking testosterone-emitting machine. He curled up his mouth but did not answer that question. Instead, he smiled and said, “Do you know why I brought you along here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Compared with the other guys, I am handsome and charming… It’s an honor for you that I came along with you,” said Han Zheng.

“Yes, indeed, the honor is mine.” said Xia Jinyuan, shooting his childhood friend a meaningful glance. There was a mischievous smile in his dark eyes.

Gracefully, Han Zheng rearranged the tie of his military uniform and smiled more brightly. “Of course, anyone would feel honored to become my friend! And it is definitely my honor to become your friend, Major Xia.”

He was telling the truth. No other family in the capital city would be more powerful and privileged than Xia Jinyuan’s family!

Xia Jinyuan’s grandpa was one of the founding fathers of the country that was still alive!

Han Zheng, who had not realized the implications in Xia Jinyuan’s words, had a complacent look on his handsome face. Gleefully, he said, “Come on, let’s walk around so you and I can impress people. By the way, do introduce your young beauty to me. I want to know who can let you drive your special car to the suburbs of the capital city and be jealous over a few boys.”

“No rush, I will show you later,” said Xia Jinyuan. He looked at his childhood friend with a meaningful smile.

In the fruit forest, Ye Jian felt that her face was a bit numb after smiling for too long. After taking photos with the teachers of every school, Ye Jian planned to walk around on her own.

Just now, she felt like someone was watching her from the building on a side of the fruit forest… She wondered if it was just her illusion.

A few steps later, she saw two boys pushing Gao Yiyang and walking from behind the trees. As they saw her, they laughed and said out loud, “Ye Jian, come, take a photo with the three of us!”

Another student said, “Gao Yiyang, where were you hiding? You haven’t taken a photo with the beautiful Ye Jian, have you? Stand there and let me take one for you two.”

Hearing the laughter, the teachers also joked, “They must take a photo together. They are from the same school and Gao Yiyang is Ye Jian’s senior schoolmate. Boy, hand your camera to me. As a teacher, I should take photos for them on my own.”

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