Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 141 - Master Xia is Following

Chapter 141: Master Xia is Following

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On the bus, the atmosphere became lively. Ye Jian, Gao Yiyang, and Wang Mo, the candidates of the Provincial No.1 Middle School, chatted joyfully with the other nine candidates.

Ye Ying was also chatting with a student. This time, she did not sit with Gao Yiyang. Hearing the laughter from behind, she pinched the leather seat with her sharp fingernails, and a gloomy light flashed across her eyes from time to time.

While talking with the students from other schools across the aisle, she would occasionally glance at Ye Jian with hatred and maliciousness in her gloomy eyes.

‘Ye Jian, I will allow you to enjoy this moment! But you want to participate in the World Science Olympiad? Oh! Do you deserve that?’

Restraining the vague excitement in her dark mind, Ye Ying had a blast chatting with the students around her.

Ye Jian kept smiling while talking with the senior high students. It seemed like she had never noticed that someone was glaring at her from somewhere. Occasionally, an icy glint flashed across her dark pupils, indicating that she had been aware of that already.

The malicious glare was too obvious for her to ignore it.

As they arrived at the suburbs of the capital city, the sky was not completely dark. Holding cameras in their hands to film the scenery, some students invited Ye Jian and the other 11 students who had qualified for the next round to take group photos with them.

After glancing at them, Ye Ying looked a bit somber. She turned around and left on her own.

“Take one with me, take one with me!!” Outside of the school, the boys and girls became much closer. The boys of every school vied to take photos with Ye Jian, and some even left their addresses, hoping that she would contact them in the future…

Of course, it would be communication about studies!

After altering the path of her current life, Ye Jian, who seemed gentle and quiet, became more outgoing. She had become more mature and considerate when it came to talking with the students, boy and girls included, leaving a good impression of being courteous and cultivated.

Someone was sitting in a wicker chair on the balcony of the second floor of the village farm. He was watching the students play in the woods and searching for something.

“Master Xia, you are a funny old dude. This farm village without women, wine or delicious food is the so-called interesting place?” A tall and slender man came with a dozen cans of beer in his hands. “I only have one vacation this year and I end up being here with you…”

The man placed the beer on the table, pointing at the fruit forest with his slender hand. ” A place for kids. I must be out of my mind promising you to come here.”

“If you are reluctant to stay, you may leave at any time.” Xia Jinyuan grabbed a beer. Pop! He opened it and took a sip, gracefully. He rolled his eyes at his childhood friend, who seemed like a thug even in military uniforms. “You’re welcome. See you.”

After that, Xia Jinyuan’s eyes fixated on a skinny figure with interest.

The girl was rather popular among the boys, for every boy was vying to take photos with her. Tut! There was a well-prepared boy who even took out his pen and paper!

Sipping beer into his mouth, Xia Jinyuan stood up and leaned against the railing of the balcony. With a chilly look in his eyes, he stared at a boy who was bold enough to rest his hand on Ye Jian’s shoulder.

“Wretched boy! It’s improper for a boy to touch a girl!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Ye Jian say something to the boy, making the boy smile. Standing side by side with the distance of a finger between their shoulders, they took a photo together.

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