Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 140 - Failed Strategy

Chapter 140: Failed Strategy

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Her apology made Xia Jinyuan raise his eyebrows very subtly. Smiling, he said, “In that case, let’s wait for next time. I was thinking of taking you to see…”

The public should not know what he was about to say. So he hunched over, shrouding the thin Ye Jian with his slender and tall physique, just like a pine protecting a growing sapling by shielding off the sun. “…our country’s latest-model cannons, which are about to be put in use in the army.”

They were so close that he could smell the light fragrance of her. It was not the scent of artificial essences but was the girl’s mesmerizing body odor, which was refreshing and elegant like that of a flower.

The girl had fair skin, which showed the pure luster of jade… Well, she was skinnier and taller than the first time they met… She was already an attractive teenage girl.

As his black eyes darkened slightly, Xia Jinyuan curled his lips up in secret. He was observing Ye Jian’s slim neck, which was like that of a swan. It was not awkward because he was purely appreciating the beauty.

Surrounded by his mint scent in an instant, Ye Jian drew back slightly without a trace.

Her heart palpitated momentarily as they looked at each other in the eye. Ye Jian saw the confident and assertive smile on his sexy, thin lips. It seemed like he believed that she would decline the school arrangement and go with him.

Ye Jian was unorthodox as well. Instead of moving away from him, she looked askance at him.

With a faint smile in her smart eyes, she looked at him and shook her head. “Thanks for your consideration, Captain Xia. I would like to go, but unfortunately, I can’t.”

It’s clear that she was interested, but why didn’t she agree to go with him?

For fear that she might have other arrangements today, he had prepared several plans. His painstaking efforts would be meaningless if she didn’t appreciate them.

At home, he had planned to take Ye Jian to enjoy the authentic Beijing cuisines at a private kitchen in Beihai Park. And then, he would take her to the training field in his courtyard, to see if she had made progress during the past few days when he was absent.

It seemed that this arrangement was unlikely to keep the independent girl by his side… So, he adjusted his strategy in the last minute by luring her to the arsenal!

It was a very good strategy. But the person it targeted upon was unusual.

Xia Jinyuan thought he was about to succeed. But in the end… the girl said, “I can’t go.” As Xia Jinyuan drove away, he felt heartbreak for the first time.

Not only was the girl smart, but she was also adamant. It’s really hard to lure her.

Ye Jian didn’t return to the school until his car had driven out of her sight. Now, it was shy of six o’clock, so she decided to go back to her dormitory to wash up.

She would be lying if she said she was not nervous on the podium. That was her first experience, and her back was drenched in sweat.

She was indeed a bit tired after her brain worked at high speed for consecutive days…

Alas, if she were to spend time with the dangerous man, she would be tense all over and have to pay attention to his intangible flirtations which could cause misunderstandings.

Just like moments ago, he could have kept his distance during their conversation, but he was so close to her… Moreover, he hunched over, surrounding her with his masculine scent.

…All the more the reason she didn’t want to go with him!

When Ye Jian came downstairs, many students had been chatting with each other. They were the candidates from each school which participated in the contest. In total, there were 42 people, which was not a lot.

Among the 12 students from Fujun Town, six of them had returned home. Led by the students and teachers of the Capital No.1 Experiment Middle School, the remaining six students boarded a bus, heading to the orchard farm.

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