Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 139 - Hard to Date Ye Jian

Chapter 139: Hard to Date Ye Jian

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Since Ye Ying had never learned about military ranks, she didn’t know what a Major was. But Gao Yiyang did…

Looking at the slightly frightened countenance on Ye Ying’s face, Gao Yiyang sighed, “I am as scared as you… Never mind. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that is. Let’s go without her.”

After a pause, he frowned slightly and said in a deep voice, “You didn’t have to be so mean to Ye Jian just now. I am not that stupid to not be able to tell affection and hatred apart.”

At this moment, Ye Ying’s pretty eyes became completely gloomy. After she stared at him for a while, tears welled up and flooded in her eyes. She smiled, but she looked worse than crying. “Really? I have misunderstood her, all right? Excuse me, but I don’t want to go out tonight. Bye!”

Instead of insisting on her opinion, she cried and admitted that everything was her fault, thus making Gao Yiyang, a teenage boy at his 15 or 16, surrender and apologize.

As he apologized, Ye Ying smiled stealthily. She always knew how to make use of her strengths to manipulate others.

When the exams were over, Director Li of the Capital No.1 Experiment Middle School and Mrs. Zhu walked out of the exam room. “Thank you, Director Li, for helping us get the bus tickets.”

Since Gao Yiyang was ahead of them, Mrs. Zhu, smiling, walked over to him after exchanging a few words with Director Li.

Both Gao Yiyang and Ye Ying were a bit bewildered as they heard that the Capital No.1 Experiment Middle School had arranged cars for the students. When the trial was over, they could go to the fruit gardens and farm villages of the suburban area of the capital city to relax…

“What? You don’t believe your teacher? Ha-ha. I’m not lying to you. Go inform the other three students. No need to tell Ye Jian, because I have told her already.”

Patting on Gao Yiyang’s shoulders, Mrs. Zhu smiled more brightly. “It’s only a few days before the big game starts. The school has specially arranged this happy hour for our 12 candidates to relax. Ha-ha. Thanks to you, we can relax as well.”

Subtly, Mrs. Zhu glanced at Ye Ying one more time. It seemed that Ye Ying and Gao Yiyang were very close to each other. Was there puppy love between them?

“You mean that we are staying in the farm village tonight and won’t come back until tomorrow noon?” asked Ye Ying because she was uncertain. A trace of shadow flashed across her pretty eyes. “When are we leaving the capital city tomorrow? Can we board the train in time if we don’t come back tonight?”

She was considerate. Smiling, Mrs. Zhu said, “Rest assured, you can definitely go home tomorrow. As agreed upon, we should assemble in 20 minutes. Quick, let’s gather up ten minutes in advance.”

Ye Ying’s eyes flickered. Urgently, she said to Gao Yiyang, “You inform the boys and I will inform the girls.”

After saying goodbye to Mrs. Zhu, she left in a hurry.

She was walking extremely fast. Her eyes were not only gloomy but also contained terrifying maliciousness.

Ye Jian had walked out of the school. Instead of getting in the car immediately, she looked at the man whose figure was as fierce and straight as a spear. From the look in her eyes, she was amazed by him.

The summer casual military clothes had elevated Xia Jinyuan’s elegant disposition to its peak. His every behavior was as exquisite and noble as that of a true gentleman.

“Sorry that I can’t go out tonight. Just now, Mrs. Zhu of the Provincial No.1 Middle School said that the school here has arranged the 12 candidates of our school to go to a farm village. I didn’t refuse.” Ye Jian slightly raised her eyes, concealing the fact that she found him stunning. “I’m very sorry that I have to stand you up tonight.”

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