Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 138 - A Divine Man

Chapter 138: A Divine Man

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On the side, Gao Yiyang’s face became a bit gloomy. “Ye Ying, she didn’t say anything about stealing. You don’t need to complicate the matter.” Girls always liked to make things complicated. He only heard Ye Jian’s sarcasm, but Ye Ying believed that Ye Jian was provoking her…

What did he mean by saying that she didn’t need to complicate the matter?!

Hearing this, Ye Ying sneered. “I did not complicate the matter. She didn’t hate you before. Since you and I became closer, there was a hateful expression on her face. Doesn’t her hatred stem from her affection for you?”

“Affection brings about hatred?” A clear and joking voice was heard slowly. Wandering under the setting sun, a slender and divine figure walked over to them with elegance. “Since when did you hate me, girl?”

He had been waiting for her for five minutes but didn’t see her. As it turned out, someone had blocked her way.

As soon as Ye Jian heard that voice and what he said, her headache worsened… Why did he enter the school?!

“If I don’t show up, I’m afraid your bullies are going to make you weep.” With a smile on his good-looking face, Xia Jinyuan walked over to them and stood beside Ye Jian.

He didn’t look at the other two people. Instead, he gazed at Ye Jian, who was late for the first time. Smiling, he raised his hand to flick her forehead affectionately. “You are late today. I’ve been waiting for you alone and outside for so long. Tell me. How will you make it up to me?”

He couldn’t stand the other scheming girl anymore. Every word she said was trying to thoroughly destroy Ye Jian’s image.

He couldn’t understand the mindsets of girls nowadays. Could the girl display her high moral ground by disparaging her classmate?

Ye Jian had been accustomed to his occasional flicking on her forehead. Frowning, she rubbed her forehead and said calmly, “Sorry that I am a bit late. I’m free now, let’s go.”

After saying that, she turned around and headed towards the school gate.

Xia Jinyuan smiled resignedly. It was not until now that he slightly raised his eyes to glance at the boy and the girl with a cold and sharp look in his eyes. The boy had tightened his lips, and the girl had been grabbing the boy’s sleeve automatically since Xia Jinyuan showed up. Without a word, he curled up his mouth sarcastically, making them tense all over.

The formidable glare and the cold sneer from this proud man clearly indicated that he despised talking to Ye Ying and Gao Yiyang. He detested them to the extent that it was beneath his dignity to look at them!

Xia Jinyuan believed it was beneath him to argue with kids.

Nevertheless, he assumed the petty Ye Jian would be very glad to argue with them.

To make his girl feel better, he wouldn’t mind doing one or two things beneath his dignity from time to time.

“Ah, good for her. She’s seducing a soldier.” said Ye Ying, gritting her teeth. She didn’t speak until the two people had gone out of her sight.

She was still scared… When that soldier in military uniform glanced at her with a chilly look in his eyes, she was too frightened to lift her head… That was why she didn’t see clearly how that soldier looked like!

It took a while before Gao Yiyang stopped looking at those two people. Hearing this, he furrowed his sword-like brows and said in a deep voice, “Not an ordinary soldier. He is a very young Major.”

Major? Ye Ying creased her fine-looking brows. “What is a Major? It seems like you are as… as me…” Frightened was the missing word. It’s a bit embarrassing to say it.

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