Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1403 - Do You Feel Any Pressure?

Chapter 1403: Do You Feel Any Pressure?

At this moment, no one dared to relax their bodies. It was just the alarm clock that rang. The instructor had not dismissed them.

The students’ performance caused the stern-looking instructor to finally reveal a slight smile. He blew the whistle that represented the end. “Everyone, move around. If there’s not enough water, there’s a water filling station in front.”

After standing for two hours, they were severely dehydrated. How could a bottle of water that had been sitting under the sun be enough? They needed at least two bottles!

They were dismissed. However, the students’ limbs were so stiff that even their joints seemed to have hardened. They bent over to pick up their water bottles as if they were 80-90-year-olds and couldn’t bend down.

Ye Jian moved her limbs and bounced a dozen times on the spot. She moved her legs and muscles before bending down to pick up the water bottle.

“Do me a favor, do me a favor…” A student shouted at Ye Jian with a bitter face.” I can’t bend my waist. My legs feel like they have been sawed off. It hurts when I move them. ”

Then, someone else needed Ye Jian’s help too. “Here, here, Ye Jian, help, help.”

After interacting with her for a week, the students were used to Ye Jian’s good physical strength.

Song Zhiqiu picked up the water bottles for the two boys and teased them, “Do you want me to carry you back? Just sit down and shake your legs.” His stamina was good. He didn’t have a hard time these past few days.

During the break, the instructor wasn’t as serious as when he was training. He would help the students pick up water bottles and even massage their legs. When he heard that, he raised his voice and said, “He’s right. It’s just a military stance. Do you know how long the flag-raisers do their military postures? It’s twice as long as you guys! The distance between their legs when goose-stepping cannot be off by even half a millimeter!”

“You are only standing in a military stance with both legs. They have to stand on one leg for just as long!”

Why was it that when soldiers stood there, people would see their tall and mighty side? It wasn’t because they were wearing military uniforms. It was because it was trained day after day, year after year.

“All of you, learn from Ye Jian and train together with her. Her military posture is like that of a veteran. You all are shouting for help when you pick up a water bottle. If you really go to the battlefield in the future, are you going to ask for bullets?”

Now, the most talked-about student by the instructor was Ye Jian. The students were used to it so they wouldn’t show any signs of dissatisfaction. It couldn’t be helped. She was indeed powerful.

Xu Wen, who drank half a bottle in one go, blinked at Ye Jian and asked, “Do you feel any pressure?”

“It’s alright. I’m trying my best.” Ye Jian blinked and whispered, “There are only three girls in our class. We can’t lose.”

After hearing this, Xu Wen patted Ye Jian’s shoulder heavily and said earnestly, “It’s all up to you, Ye Jian! He Jing and I support you spiritually! As for physically… we can’t support you.”

He Jing, who just came back after refilling water, heard that. She sat down with much difficulty and said, “I have a goal, unlike you.” Then, she whispered to Ye Jian, “I’m a little hunchbacked. I want to train myself tonight. Is there any way to improve as soon as possible?”

He Jing was a girl who was very strict with herself. Her brother graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences too. The reason why she applied for the Chinese Academy of Sciences was that she had a bet with someone.

Xu Wen and Ye Jian didn’t ask who this person was. However, they could tell from her eyes that this someone… wasn’t just an ordinary someone.

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