Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1402 - Training Willpower

Chapter 1402: Training Willpower

It wasn’t considered serious even when he fainted… The students’ hearts trembled as they pursed their lips and continued enduring.

No one looked at him because the instructor would help the student who fainted from heatstroke.

The ambulance parked at the front of the field arrived in less than three minutes. Two male soldiers came down and skillfully lifted the unconscious student. They got into the vehicle, closed the door, and drove the ambulance away. Only a billow of smoke was left behind.

After standing for a long time, the instructor suddenly took out an alarm clock and adjusted the timer before placing it on the lawn. “There are 43 minutes left to two hours. You can rest after standing for two hours.”

They had clearly been standing there for one and a half hours! However, the instructor said that there were still 43 minutes left!

It was very quiet in Class Three. The students had been regulating their breathing. The alarm clock on the lawn was ticking. As it moved, it ticked… It was destroying everyone’s mental state.

Every student wanted to end this as soon as possible. The more they thought about it, the slower time seemed to pass. They felt that it was unbearable.

More and more sweat flowed down their faces. They were getting more and more nervous. Finally, another student swayed and… Another student has fallen.

It was as if there was a butterfly effect. In less than ten minutes, five people fell.

The instructor pursed his lips.

Their mentality was still a little weak. They knew the time and estimated how long it would take. They felt that they might not be able to last for so long. Their bodies might not be able to withstand it. They were unable to withstand the constant hints of time so they quickly crushed their willpower and collapsed.

Twenty minutes later, seven students fainted. Two more came back. “Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…” Time was still moving slowly. The students who were standing felt that their limbs were so stiff that they didn’t seem to be their own limbs. They listened to the sound of the clock and endured the hardest time.

“There are still 18 minutes left.” The instructor reminded them intentionally or unintentionally. He was constantly training the students’ willpower.

Why were they standing in a military posture?

It was to train the cadets. As reserve officers of the military, if their willpowers were not firm, how could they lead the troops and win?

“Who else hasn’t straightened their head or back? Let’s add another 20 minutes!” The instructor started to move around the class again. His gaze was like an X-ray as it swept across the students. The students didn’t dare to relax for a second.

“Look in front. There’s a role model standing there. Think about why she can do it but you can’t. It’s not that you can’t do it. You’re just afraid of the hardships and fatigue. You see yourselves as delicate!”

“Being delicate in the military will kill you. What you need to do now is throw away your ‘lethal’ delicateness! Don’t let it become your burden!”

Not only did the instructors have to teach the military posture, but they also had to remind the students from time to time how to overcome their fears.

As a model soldier, Ye Jian led the entire class against the sun. She stood still and maintained her initial position. As she listened to the ticking of the clock, she felt that time was passing slowly.

Don’t think that time is tough. Don’t think that you won’t be able to persevere. Don’t think about anything. Just look straight ahead and stand straight. That’s all.

“Riiinnng, riiinnng…” The alarm clock suddenly made an ear-piercing sound, telling all the students that they had been standing in a military posture for two hours!

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