Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 1401 - The Cruelty Has Not Started

Chapter 1401: The Cruelty Has Not Started

Time passed slowly. The sun was getting brighter. The teachers were still moving around in the team. Some people got tired of standing and started relaxing their shoulders and reciting the military positions.

Some people couldn’t stand it and wanted to be lazy. Heh, they were bold. Go and stand at the front of the class!

At first, Ye Jian was the only one standing in front. An hour later, four people were standing beside her.

More and more sweat flowed down their faces. The sweat on their faces kept dripping down like rainwater. The shirt of their summer uniform started getting wet from the collar. Their chests, armpits, backs, waists… Only the edges of their short sleeves were not wet.

Sweat soaked their clothes. Their clothes stuck to their skin tightly. As the sun baked their skin, it felt itchy and prickly. It made people want to scratch it.

Everyone wanted to scratch but no one dared to do it. They endured the physical and mental torture and faced the cold gaze of the instructor. They straightened their backs and looked forward.

“Straighten your legs! If you’re a man, straighten your back!” The instructor’s voice came from the back. It was cold and sharp. It landed in the students’ ears. “Don’t look sideways, face the front. Don’t blink when the wind blows. Stand like pine. Look like steel. Remember these positions!”

They weren’t the only ones who needed to learn how to stand. Everyone who entered the military unit and entered the military school had to learn it.

When you stood properly, even if it was just a simple sitting posture, it would show the might and masculinity of a soldier. Every word and action of yours would show the majestic aura of a soldier.

Everyone’s eyes turned red. Ye Jian was no exception.

The tears flowed and irritated their eyes. No one dared to raise their hands to rub their eyes. Even if it stung so much that they started to cry, they had to hold on.

Ninety minutes later, there was a puddle of water on the ground near the feet of every student with bloodshot eyes. It was the water left behind by sweat dripping down the ground.

Their pants started to get wet, especially the part where their middle fingers touched. The sweat that flowed down their arms had mostly gathered on their middle fingers. Their pant seams were completely wet.

“Report! My head…” Before someone could finish his sentence, he fell forward and fainted from heatstroke.

This was the first student who fainted from heatstroke today. It was much better than the previous two days. The first two days, the students fainted one after another. It was as if they had fallen on the battlefield and would never wake up again. The students that were still standing felt fear for no reason.

It was the third day of military training, it didn’t affect them much when the students fell anymore. After all, some students also fainted during the new student military training.

However, their military postures now were different from during their freshmen training. The military posture of the freshmen was not as strict as this. If they moved occasionally, their squad leader would just glance at them. They would only remind them if they moved too much.

It wasn’t like now. The only thing missing now was a cross on their backs.

At the thought of the cross, some students glanced at the side with the corner of their eyes. The cross was actually prepared. It was said that Class One had already used it. Class Three had a model soldier, Ye Jian. The students were all trying their best not to fall behind too much so they didn’t use the cross that was prepared.

“Class Three has a student who fainted from heatstroke.” The instructor held the student who fainted with one hand and contacted the doctor through the intercom. “It’s not serious.”

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